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What is an Anti Snoring Device and When Do You Use Them?

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40% of Australians habitually snore. Snoring is not only an issue in terms of being an annoyance but is also a significant health concern. An anti snoring device can often be a good solution.

Snoring has myriad negative effects, from nighttime waking and daytime sleepiness and irritability, to long term effects of poor sleep quality. These include increased risks of developing serious, chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, obesity, Type II diabetes, and even cancer. 

(Some snoring may also be the result of obstructive sleep apnoea, which is a serious condition requiring proper diagnosis and specific medical management by a doctor.)

There are numerous ways you can alleviate your risks of snoring, and one of the most effective and easiest to implement is to use an anti snoring device.

What is an Anti Snoring Device?

Firstly, what causes snoring? Snoring is the result of the blockage, restriction, or collapse of the tissues in the upper airways. This obstructs airflow through the back of the mouth and the throat; the soft tissues at the back of the throat vibrate and this results in the snoring sound. 

Snoring is a chronic condition and, while there is no cure for it, there are various strategies that can reduce your risks. Numerous lifestyle changes and medical interventions (including surgery) can help with snoring, however, anti-snoring devices offer a simple, immediate solution to help stop snoring

Anti-snoring devices are items used to help prevent snoring. They may be items that are worn on the nose or mouth, that alter the snorer’s sleeping position, or which alert the sleeper when snoring occurs.

Different Types of Anti Snoring Device

Different types of anti-snoring device include (but are not limited to):

  • Positional Alteration – these devices alter the person’s sleeping position. Back sleeping is a huge contributor to snoring and, by encouraging side sleeping, these devices can help stop snoring. They may be as simple as a tennis ball attached to the back, or more complex, expensive devices that are worn on the torso to limit side sleeping. 
  • Anti-Snoring Pillows – raise the sleeper’s head to help align the head and spine correctly and encourage side sleeping, For some mild snorers, this is enough to overcome their snoring habit. 
  • Electronic Devices – these more expensive devices can be worn on the chest or neck and vibrate when the sleeper moves onto a back-sleeping position or begins snoring. By disrupting sleep and alerting the snorer, they are encouraged to move back onto their side. 
  • Nasal Strips and Dilators – worn on the nose, they are designed to open the nasal passages to encourage nasal breathing during sleep (as opposed to mouth breathing). 
  • Mandibular Adjustment Devices – are worn in the mouth during sleep. They move the lower jaw slightly forward, creating more space for the airways in the back of the mouth and throat. 
  • CPAP Machine – this is an expensive solution commonly prescribed for people diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea. It creates positive air pressure via a mask attached to a machine. The mask is worn over the nostrils/mouth during sleep to force adequate air into the airways. It prevents the tissues from collapsing.

Things to Consider:

The best anti-snoring device for you will:

  1. Alleviate or eliminate your snoring
  2. Be safe to use
  3. Be comfortable to use
  4. Be affordable
  5. Be reusable
  6. Create the fewest side effects

The solution for snoring that you choose must deliver for you. It needs to not only be effective but also be user-friendly. There is no point in investing in a solution that is ineffective or which you are not going to actively use night after night. 

Using the right anti-snoring solution for you can transform your life – delivering better quality and quantity of sleep for you and your household, as well as health benefits including weight loss, improved mood and concentration, better learning ability, increased safety on the road and in the workplace, improved mental health, and minimising the risk of developing chronic diseases.

SnoreMD – The Best Anti-Snoring Device

SnoreMD is the Australian brand of a revolutionary anti-snoring device that has successfully improved the quality of sleep of people all over the world. It is worn in the mouth during sleep and gently repositions the mandible (lower jaw) slightly forward. The behaviour of the tongue, soft palate, and lower jaw muscles are modified, and the soft tissues of the oral cavity can no longer relax or collapse into the back of the throat. This helps to open the airways for smoother breathing and helps to stop snoring from occurring. 

SnoreMD is:

  • Scientifically designed
  • Manufactured to the highest industry standards
  • Medically proven to be effective 
  • Micro-Adjustable 
  • Safe 
  • Comfortable
  • Reusable
  • Affordable
  • Has no negative side effects
  • Recommended by doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and sleep specialists

Manufactured to the highest Australian Standards, SnoreMD is suitable for use by anyone over the age of 18 years. 

Isn’t a great night’s sleep night after night worth the investment? 

Learn more here or purchase SnoreMD now.

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