SnoreMD – Revolutionary Snoring Solution

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SnoreMD is a revolutionary snoring solution recommended by Pharmacists & Sleep Physicians that’s provided a successful sleep solution to thousands of people.

SnoreMD is a Clinically Certified, Class 1 Medical Device designed, developed and made in Australia. Our patented mandibular repositioning technology gently holds your lower jaw in a slightly forward position, opening your airway to alleviate snoring and make it easier to breathe while sleeping at night.

For your peace of mind, SnoreMD comes with a 30 Day Money Back guarantee. This allows a risk free trial over 4 weeks to ensure you achieve results and put snoring to sleep.

Backed by a 12 month warranty, you will rest easy with SnoreMD.

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At SnoreMD we specialise in premium and innovative health and well-being products designed to improve your quality of life. As Health Care specialists working within the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Consumer Retail space, you can be sure to find our products in trusted national retailers throughout Australia.

SnoreMD is one of the most effective stop snoring devices globally. Start your journey to a peaceful and healthier night’s sleep with us today.

Wake up a better you!

  • Designed, Developed and Made in Australia
  • Clinically Certified
  • Recommended and sold by Pharmacies and Sleep Clinics
  • Dental Grade Materials – BPA and latex free
  • Fully Adjustable in 1mm Increments
  • Dedicated customer care team
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Trial Replacements*
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Free Shipping

68 reviews for SnoreMD – Revolutionary Snoring Solution

  1. Jo

    I am very glad to have found this product. Snore MD has genuinely helped me and I am pleased to say I no longer snore. It has had a great impact on my life thanks to quality sleep.

  2. Davin

    Thanks for saving my sleep! The best snoring product hands down.

  3. L

    actually works and doesn’t cut gums which another brand did

  4. Aiguo

    Purchursed mine a few weeks ago and it’s simply the best, as in surprising how effective it is.

  5. Simona

    I pushed and pushed and pushed my hubby to buy something. We found this and god save the queen! All I can say it’s amazing. Easy to use and all it took was a couple of nights to figure out. 12 out of 10.

  6. Dannika

    This is the best snoring product I’ve used yet and easy to use.

  7. Syed Diasteries

    I think it was the fourth or fifth night that I found relief. I new this as I hadn’t had a deep sleep like that in years. I wake up a different man and I get so much more out of my days at work now. 2 months on and I won’t sleep without it.

  8. Jen

    My husband actually bought it for me, we haven’t slept in the same bed for years. I didn’t even know I snored. I’ve been using it now for 6 months and love it. We even sleep in the same bed again and both getting a quieter night sleep. Would highly recommend

  9. Michelle

    I purchased this product for my father-in-law and it worked immediately! Very impressed !!
    Highly recommend giving it a go if snoring is driving you nuts ?

  10. Bradley

    Definitely sceptical to begin with but after a few conversations with these guys I took the chance and it’s changed my life. My 2 cents is to be patient, it works.

  11. Clarence B

    I had my doubts but thought I would give it ago as they offer a 30 day money back guarantee so what can I lose? I have to say “Wow” this device really works, my wife said I am literally silent when I sleep now… Loving this!! Highly recommend giving it a go ?

  12. Shaneel

    This is a lot more comfortable than the previous product I was using. Grabbed one for the wife as well.

  13. Dimi

    A+++ product

  14. Milly

    I have been buying snore md for a while now and can’t rate this enough.

  15. Tamara

    I’ve tried so many products – nothing worked until this. I’m so happy now that I’m resting better and my snoring isn’t waking my bf anymore. Now he just has to adjust to sleeping with quiet lol I’ll be recommending this to friends 🙂

  16. Garry

    I was getting claustrophobic using my CPAP machine. I saw this product with a money back guarantee and thought I had nothing to loose. Turns out it works perfectly! Glad I gave it a try. Doc said if it works for my sleep Apnea then go ahead! I’ll be using this from now on.

  17. Kevin

    a big difference my sleep is like because of this unbelievable MAD

  18. Ang S

    Worked on first night!!!

  19. Leanne

    Thx for the customer service and assistance. You have created a game changing anti snoring product. Xox

  20. Eric

    I’m a 61 year old pensioner that’s tried everything. I have had sleep tests and was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea years ago and have always used the machine and mask. These did work but not really comfortable and not easy if you like to holiday a lot. I have found Snoremd to be just as effective and much more comfortable and it’s now completely replaced my cepap machine.

  21. Hectar

    I did experience some discomfort initially and was told it was normal and would go away. It did after a week and it actually works. I’m told I don’t snore anymore.

  22. Gillian

    Highly rated and recommended. I’m a stress head so it really helps me sleep and have my act together for my family and work each day.

  23. Sharmaine Garwood

    I have worn a mouth guard for years, to stop grinding, but after numerous complaints about snoring thought I would give SnoreMD a try. It’s been fantastic. No grinding or snoring, and it was so easy to fit – at less cost than my usual dentist fitted mouth guard. I’d definitely recommend SnoreMD.

  24. Todd

    I have played pillow matrix for years with my mrs. No more complaints and this is a winner for me.

  25. Sam Adams

    Snoremd came recommended from my GP. I resisted having to use the mouth guard style of device as they never worked for me before. A bit of patience required from my end but I ended up getting used to how it worked and how the adjustment part needed to work over time. Overall it has been good for me and the first one of this type that has worked.

  26. Julie Woodland

    Exceptional customer service, fast delivery and even better snoring product. Thank u Snoremd.

  27. Tahn

    Happy wife = happy life ?

  28. Rhett

    You have to give this a try! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the idea but there was no way I was wearing one of the masks. It’s slightly weird to begin with but really works to help me breathe properly and my snoring literally stopped

  29. Lu

    Snore md has been quite a good value travel alternative for me. I carried a lot of extra weight for years but worked hard to shed it which has also helped the throat and snoring situation.

  30. Martin Gable

    I didn’t realise the importance of the adjustable feature. I’ve tried other cheaper snoring guards before but they didn’t work. It makes sense why now. Glad I tried this one. Works well.

  31. Ian Freeman

    My wife bought this for me. Now I don’t snore. At least she is happy. It works! Admittedly it’s comfortable as well. She was right!

  32. Sophia G

    I was worried If I would look unattractive wearing this but not the case and I feel better about myself now I¹m sleeping quietly and comfortably. Thumbs up for me!

  33. Lyndal

    Success ?????

  34. Rodger

    I can’t believe I stopped after a couple of nights! 🙌🏽

  35. Connie

    This came recommended from my dentist as an option as I did not want to spend thousands. I couldn’t afford to anyway.
    This product has worked fine for me and very happy I only spent $170.

  36. Rayne Cantanel

    This product has been my saviour now that my hubby is at home more than normal. He’s a FIFO worker and I normally put up with it but not anymore. He reckons this will be a big help after long days with better sleep quality.

  37. Noemi Alquatan

    Thank you SnoreMD team, I’m great full that your mouthguard works perfectly for me. I’m certain my partner is even more happier.

  38. Jarun

    I am a larger person in general (6 foot 5) and have always had issues with my breathing and snoring. My snoring has always been very bad but I never had anyone telling me I was keeping them awake until now. I was actually told I was so bad that it was a deal breaker so I got this and was told that I shut up from the second night.

  39. Ian Murray

    Wow, wow, wow! Finally not getting smashed with pillows by the better half. Apart from that, I can actually breathe when I sleep which is the main thing. Top quality product.

  40. Kamal

    I just woke up for the first time in a long time feeling fresh, recharged and not agitated. Granted I don’t fully like the idea of sleeping with this thing but I can’t fault the fact that it actually works.

  41. Junesh Schaumburz

    I got my SnoreMD from an Amcal recently and I am not usually the kind of person that could be bothered reviewing a product but this has to be an exception. I have told everyone and will continue telling everyone that this appliance is pure gold. Very easy to set up, it’s literally a mouth guard. The air vent at the front is like a vortex of fresh air bliss and it all just seems to work.

  42. Xiu Ling

    A unlikely purchase because there are various products I have tried over the years without any success. The next stop was maybe a op. I saw this product and decided to give it a try as it was made locally so I figured it should be better. Luckily I make the decision because I have experienced good results. After a bit of adjustment it has been excellent for me. Stop looking for a stop snoring product and buy Snore md.

  43. Reign T

    Happy to be back in the bedroom again.

  44. Mary Sullivan

    As a female snorer, even ‘grunter’ I’ve been told, was a bit nervous and embarrassed going into speak with someone so instead I messaged Snore Md directly for some help and advice. I got to know the lovely lady there quite well and she was extremely helpful and assured me that I could try it to see how I went. I did take a couple of more calls to work things through but I stopped snoring like a drunk badger and am a very happy customer. Mary.

  45. Joe F

    SnoreMD has literally saved my job. I have clarity with a goods nights sleep finally.

  46. Josepha

    The mouth piece is incredible and stopped the snoring and happy. I will buy again when the time comes.

  47. Avril

    I have seen these staring at me every time I picked up a script from my Amcal. The assistant was helpful in letting me know how it works and the process involved. After taking it home the instructions for use were just as easy to follow. At first it reduced my snoring to a softer level so continued until today where I don’t snore at all. I use one of the apps to record my sleep so I know it’s working. I’d say the total time frame for me has been 3 weeks and well worth it.

  48. Gill Merlook

    So good that this is an Australian product. I highly recommend if you snore loudly and can’t get comfortable using the machines.

  49. Sunny Corbet

    I have been using the snore md for 5 weeks now and it has vastly improved my snoring when I sleep. As the snorer I was never bothered but I felt bad for always keeping my wife and kids up.

  50. Daniel Cachia

    This product does truly work. Being a hard grinder i broke my first one after 12 months and now have purchased my second. After a fitting fault though i contacted the supplier and their after care is amazing.
    Not only is the product amazing but it is made by a company who stand by there product and show that their clients matter.
    Unbelievably happy with the product and this business.
    If you snore then this product is worth the investment.

  51. Barvie

    This has worked to help me get a better sleep for years now. I probably get about 9 months out of each of it because I am a very heavy grinder. I used to always be exhausted but always have got a deep sleep when wearing my SnoreMD. This is a very helpful product.

  52. Natalia Gomez

    I am not the snorer, but the wife of a snorer. Boy I boy I love the man to death but trying to sleep next to motorbike every night has tested our relationship to say the least. This is it, it works!!! Hip hip hooray!!! The only thing I can hear now are the kids screaming at each other, I am not sure what’s best haha. On a serious note, he sleeps quietly, I sleep better and he claims to feel better each day. This is the fix you need if you are someone like me.

  53. Astrid Karlsson

    Being stuck in the ISO life has meant my partner isn’t travelling for work anymore. I used to put up with it but now 7 nights of snoring a week has me really strung out. This was this saviour and at last we both get a good night sleep. This was to his surprise as well.

  54. Walsh M

    The guard really works, it actually works. I am on wk 3 and still adjusting and getting used to it. It does say this in the manual to stick it out which I am happy to do. It’s been worth it so far.

  55. Carrick

    Living on a knifes edge of exhaustion was my life. Full time work and 3 kids has meant a very poor excuse for sleep. The problem with my snoring is that the little sleep my wife got was then interrupted by the boat engine sleeping next to her. Found SnoreMD and bingo, solved 2 problems in 1. I actually purchased this to shut me up and help my wife but I never new that by actually breathing better, you feel better when you wake up. It’s probably common knowledge but for those of you reading this that didn’t know, well now you do. Definitely recommend.

  56. Calvin

    Thank you for the quick delivery and top notch customer service. I couldn’t find a SnoreMD from any of the chemists in my town so these guys offered to express post for free. Received within 3 days.

  57. Lachlan Depetrio

    Since buying snore md I have replaced my cpap.

  58. Trudi Bourke

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I had not had a refreshing nights sleep in what seemed like years and a recent sleep study showed I was waking over 25 times an hour. I was advised to start using a CPAP machine and persevered with this for a few weeks, but was continually woken throughout the night by the inherent problems of wearing an appliance on the face and head whilst trying to sleep. The advice was to add another appliance called a chin strap which I refused to do. Research led me to SNOREMD and since the first night I have had the best sleep ever. It is coming up for 2 weeks and I feel great. I have been telling everyone about this and will continue to do so. I was used to wearing a night mouth guard for teeth grinding so adapted to SnoreMD very easily, but if you have never worn a plate in your mouth it will feel unusual for a while. Please persevere. It really does work.

  59. Hera

    It has been about 6 weeks since first using my snoremd. The first 3 weeks were touch and go with getting used to it. I could only tolerate it for a couple of hours each night. I spoke to there customer service team who assured me to keep at it as it’s a normal experience until you get used to it. Well they were right, the mouthguard feels fairly natural in my mouth now and my husband won’t let me come to bed without it. The customer service person also checked in with me again which is why I de used to write this review.

  60. Quan Van

    I am the 3rd family member to have been recommended and now tried SnoreMD. I agree with everyone’s comments that it stops your snoring. I sleep alone so keeping others awake was never my motivation to buy this. I can say that the part I am impressed with the most is the way I now feel at working each day. I am a school teacher and now have more focus, and I can concentrate for longer periods of time.

  61. Oliva Phelan

    My wife gave me this as a surprise gift to shut me the hell up. It has 100% worked and has been a really good addition to both of our lives, and our kids to be honest. Slap it in your gob and it’s as easy as that.

  62. Lucas Maynes

    I declare I can finally sleep 🤣
    If there is a company and a product that can work miracles it is this one. My advice is to read the instructions that recommend actually wearing the SnoreMD before bed. It makes perfect sense so you start to get used to it. I brush my teeth, put my SnoreMD in and settle in for a bit of Netflix. I usually dose off after an hour and don’t really realise I have a mouthguard in my mouth.

  63. Tahn

    FIVE STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  64. Merv De Sousa

    I have been extremely satisfied with this product. The device has well and truly exceeded my expectations. My wife was constantly getting disturbed by my snoring and since using this device, it has prevented my snoring and ensured that she can enjoy a good nights sleep. Christina was also extremely helpful regarding her advice and very friendly. I would highly recommend anyone going through this issue to purchase this device.

  65. Paul Cummings

    Quite comfortable to wear, easy adjusting system although I didn’t have to adjust mine. My snoring app has now recorded consecutive nights of sleep without snoring so what else do I need to say

  66. Dylan Schnox

    15 years of shift work has been a killer trying to sleep during the day. I did a sleep test and found out that I was never actually falling into the deep sleep cycle. This makes sense as I am fatigued all the time. Wearing the cpap was never going to happen so I tried SnoreMD. What a life changer it has been to get a longer and deeper sleep. My functionality has improved vastly and I do feel more youthful and more motivated. Sure it did take about 1 week to completely get used to it but I cannot recommend this enough.

  67. Joy

    Since using the snoremd device I have ceased snoring and my husband now gets uninterrupted sleep. I am also benefitting by getting a full nights sleep and waking up more refreshed and ready to take on the day. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a snoring problem. It is certainly a marriage saver

  68. Violetta

    I am quite impressed with my purchase. It’s still early days but it works how it’s advertised.

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