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SnoreMD is Australia’s #1 rated snoring solution recommended by Pharmacists & Sleep Physicians which has successfully provided thousands of customers with a more peaceful and healthier night’s sleep from the very first night.

SnoreMD is a registered Class 1 Medical Device, designed and made in Australia. Our patented mandibular repositioning technology gently holds your lower jaw in a slightly forward position, opening your airway to alleviate snoring and make it easier to breathe while sleeping at night. SnoreMD is simple to use and is easily moulded in the comfort of your own home, ensuring optimal comfort when using.

For your peace of mind, SnoreMD comes with a 30 Day Money Back guarantee. This allows a risk free trial over 4 weeks to ensure you achieve results and put snoring to sleep.

Backed by a 12 month warranty, you will rest easy with SnoreMD.

Purchase your SnoreMD today and enjoy the immediate health benefits of snore free nights!

Pay in smaller, easy installments.


Finally, You and Your Partner Can Get a Great Night’s Sleep!

A great night’s sleep is just days away. With one easy-to-make decision, you can soon enjoy a relaxing, peaceful reinvigorating sleep.

With fast free express shipping, within days from now you’ll be able to sleep more comfortably and quietly with your partner.

Consider that many people kick-start their day with an energy boost of coffee for $2 to $5 per cup, SnoreMD is just $0.46 cents per night based on our 12-month warranty.

SnoreMD is one of the most effective stop snoring devices globally. Start your journey to a peaceful and healthier night’s sleep with us today.

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Stop Snoring with Our Breathing Mouthguard

The anti-snoring device is sometimes referred to as a mandibular advancement device. For the purpose of this page, let’s call ours a breathing mouthguard or a sleeping mouthguard. The whole idea of a snore guard mouthpiece is to allow the nearest and dearest of anyone who snores to get some rest because it is they, not the snorer themselves, who suffer from disrupted sleep.

Our device is a mouthpiece for anti-snoring because snoring is all about breathing, or rather the difficulty of breathing while we’re asleep. It becomes difficult because of all the soft tissue that lies between the air source and our lungs, and the chief culprit is the tongue. While helping our breathing is not one of the tongue’s functions, it can unfortunately contribute to breathing problems when we’re asleep. The tongue does this by not staying in its natural position, and when it changes shape and position it can cause constriction in what should be a tunnel (more like a cave, in fact) through which the lungs are drawing air. When this fleshy passageway becomes misshapen, it closes and although the lungs still have the power to drag air through, the result is that ugly, irritating noise we know as snoring.

It is a similar action to that of a blow-up party balloon when you let the air out: the rubbery plastic flaps around and it makes an unattractive kind of snoring noise. This can be amusing, but you wouldn’t want it happening right next to your head when you’re trying to sleep. Using a mouth guard for snoring from Australia prevents this, and it does so in an ingenious way.

How Your Lower Jaw Can Fix the Snoring Problem

What makes this device ingenious is the fact that the inventor understood the part the jaw plays in the nighttime breathing process: it can help or hinder. Using our mouthpiece snoring devices involves changing the position of the jaw ever so slightly: just enough to open the airway. That slight change in shape can allow air to pass through into the lungs without the comical deflating balloon effect, which is, in fact, anything but comical when it wakes us up.

Try it and Be Amazed

We are so confident of the effectiveness of our mouth guard for sleep that we offer not just a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty but a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied within that period, it won’t cost you a penny. What have you got to lose, then? If you are a snorer or the person affected by the snoring, give our device a try and it should be an end to that problem forever.

Contact Us with Any Queries

If you have any questions about using our anti-snoring mouthpiece from Australia, please call us or fill in the online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you. We are confident you’ll like the idea if a snoring mouthpiece from Australia once you have the full facts, so ask away and we’ll be pleased to help. Then you can simply order your mouthpiece for anti-snore online, and you’ll be back on track to peaceful, sleep-filled nights. Read Less

Australia's #1 Rated Snoring Solution

  • Designed, developed and made in Australia
  • Clinically certified
  • Recommended and sold by pharmacies and sleep clinics
  • Dental grade materials – BPA and latex free
  • Fully adjustable in 1mm increments

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Try risk free with our 30 day guarantee
  • 12 month warranty
  • Dedicated, local customer care team here to support you
  • Free trial replacements
  • Free returns

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What's Included

  • Genuine Australian Made SnoreMD Anti snoring device
  • SnoreMD storage & sanitary case
  • Instruction guide
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • 12 month manufacturers warranty
  • SnoreMD customer care
  • Care & handling

Based on 176 reviews
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  1. Bobby Brown

    Long time user and figured it was about time to provide credit where credit is due. I’ve been able to sleep in the same bed with my wife since using SnoreMD, so no longer kicked to the couch. I get a repeat buyer discount each time I buy so big props to that as well.

  2. Luke Hamblyn (verified owner)

    Actually works, wife will sleep in the same bed as me now, worked so well my dog wanted to try it and ended up chewing it into a million pieces now I am buying a second one

  3. Adam

    I really felt I needed to leave a review as i was very sceptical initially myself.

    Firstly after using this product for.nearly 3months I have found it really works My wife has told me my snoring has stopped and I am feeling much fresher in the mornings.
    Initially the device was a little uncomfortable and I woke up with my teeth a little sore but that passed quickly.

    I was having trouble with the device slipping out of my mouth at night. I liased with the friendly support staff over 3 or 4 occasions until we sorted that problem out with adjustments/ remoulding.

    The only downside I could give would be that you wake in the morning with a dry mouth. I can live with that, as the positives far outweigh the negatives.

  4. Ch

    Amazing device, the only regret I have is not buying it sooner. I am so happy I can’t explain.

  5. David

    I’ve been using SnoreMD for about 2.5 weeks now and I’m happy, and relieved to say, that it has resolved my snoring.
    I use the Samsung Galaxy Watch for sleep tracking and in the first night I went from 1.25hrs snoring to ZERO snoring detected!

    My partner has also verified its success – marking the first night she hasn’t left my side for the couch..

    It took maybe a week to get used to it, and I did have to remould once (following fantastic support from the customer service team). I’ve since adjusted it from the factory 3mm, out to 4mm and this has actually improved overall comfort.
    I want to say it’s improved my sleep quality but that’s yet to be seen and I don’t suffer from sleep Apnea anyway. My primary goal was to ensure my partner and I can share a bed, and both get a good night sleep. Ticked that box.

    Highly recommend giving it a go. Backed with a 30 day trial it’s well worth the price!

  6. Andy (verified owner)

    This thing without a doubt worked for me as it said it would! It’s giving me a much better night’s sleep which I was sorely missing, and most importantly, allowed my light sleeping wife to be able to sleep in the same room as me! I’m so glad I found this thing, it’s a life changer! Be aware though, the first few nights will result in a rather uncomfortable sleep, but PLEASE persist! Your body will adjust and it will work well!

  7. Stephanie

    I couldn’t afford to buy a fully customised more expensive version of this, so trialled the SnoreMD to see if it would work for me.

    Unfortunately the mouthpiece really felt way to large for my mouth (I’m a small human), causing a lot of discomfort in my jaw and forcing my mouth open so it would dry out. Definitely not for me, even though I really wanted it to be and persevered for a few weeks.

    My 5 stars is for the service provided – the team were super friendly and supportive in trying to find a solution for me, and very open to offering a refund if it wasn’t working, which they processed promptly. And this was after they sent me a free replacement because the first one was damaged in the moulding process!

    Highly recommend giving it a go.

  8. Leslie

    Long time user and very happy customer. Thanks again for the repeat customer discount, it was a nice surprise.

  9. Silvano

    It’s the best buy I have ever made! Waking up every day feeling charged and ready to take on the day. Thanks snore md team.

  10. Lateef

    You really got to trust the process here. Being a SnoreMD customer for a few years now, I have the moulding part down to a fine art and get a really comfortable fit.
    I sleep by myself but I do know it’s working because I feel as though im always have a really deep sleep.

  11. Amy (verified owner)

    Divorce Saver! Haha – literally the best device that works exactly as described and has saved me from being kicked out of bed. Incredibly fast shipping too! But please remember to put it away in its case – as my naughty managed to find it as a chew toy…. but thankfully I knew it worked so well and happily bought another one!

  12. Alto Mendez

    Incredible customer service for starters. I couldn’t quite get it to sit in my mouth properly and drooled a bit. After contacting their support team, I was guided through how to re do the mould and presto, I was on my way. I never really noticed the snoring but waking up after having consistent deep sleeps is what so unbelievable about this product.

  13. Harrington

    SnoreMD is hands down the only thing you or your partner needs to stop snoring, as in stop snoring instantly. Yes it’s a bit funny to wear for the first time but you do actually get used to the sensation of using it every night. The fact that I’m waking up feeling rested is crazy compared to how I would accept going to work everyday. Just use it, persevere and enjoy sleeping back in the bed room with your loved one.

  14. Charlotte

    A very well designed product that works exactly as advertised.

  15. Tom (verified owner)

    Life changing!

    I went from a SnoreLab snore score of 55 to 5 in one night!

    10/10 would recommend!

  16. L. Simms

    Pure bliss is how I can describe my sleep now that my husband started using this product.
    He rejected using it for the first week but quickly learned after a solid sleep, it was worth it for him and also me.
    Well worth the buy.

  17. Mike Lupino

    Success so quickly which is surprising some how. I have gotten the hang of going to sleep using this and I sleep through the whole night.
    Wife says no snoring at all,

  18. Ant Page

    This product seemed to be at a few of my local chemists so I took it as a sign when my new partner said I needed to do something about how bad my snoring is. On a scale of 1 to 10, my snoring is beyond a 10 and unbearable for my partner to stay in the same room as me, let alone get any sleep. The chemist staff told me to take my time with SnoreMD to get used to it, which they weren’t wrong. But let me tell you, it stopped my snoring on the very first time using it. We couldn’t believe it and thought it may have been a fluke but nope, on the second night, zero snoring again!
    All in all it only took about a week to sleep with it comfortably and well worth the patience.

  19. Karli Warrick

    Well that’s according to my husband. This thing works and works well. Absolutely recommend SnoreMD.

  20. Brian Shaws

    Unbelievably amazing product and should have started using this a long time ago. My wife says it has been a marriage saver.

  21. Levi

    After now 9 weeks of solid use, I have been getting the best sleep in years.
    I found the first couple of weeks kind of unusual but you really to get used to it. The best part is the feeling of being rested and way more alert at work (I’m a courier and drive for a living).

  22. Salvador

    It working a charm

  23. Torissie

    It works!!!!!!!!
    That is all.

  24. Peter Rosemond (verified owner)

    My Wife was having issues being woken up by my Loud Snoring.
    I would fall into a Deep Sleep for about 3 hours and the Snoring was through my throat not my nose.
    I looked on line and through the valuable Reviews I tried SnoreMD.
    At first I was very sceptical, but it works. My Wife could not hear me from the very first night.
    I am sleeping with no discomfort at all. The Mouth Guard has truly surprised me. I have since purchased another.
    Highly Recommended

  25. Arellio Matchatelli

    After moulding my mouthguard twice, I got a better fit for my teeth so I could really see the teeth impressions. My advice would be to bite down quite hard when doing this. After night six, I was starting to get the best sleep I have had in years and my wife can vouch for that as well.

  26. Latrell

    When you have trash sleep like I have for years then you are desperate for anything to work. SnoreMD has been me and my families saviour 100%.
    Yeah the first week was touch and go but completely worth it. Snoring zero, wife and kids can sleep too now.

  27. Meredith

    It has been a good sleep for both me and the wife finally.
    I have in fact now been able to sleep a solid 6-7 hours straight through whereas before using SnoreMD, I would have a fairly broken sleep which is why I was so wrecked when going to work everyday. Not any more!

  28. Rina (verified owner)

    It really works…my partner tells me that my snoring has stopped. Hooray for him 🙂
    SnoreMD customer service is excellent. Awesome that it’s an Australian product.
    Cleaning is easy – I would recommend using a simple toothpaste without bleaching or microparticles which could damage the device.
    Would give 5 stars except for a couple of things about the device (not SnoreMD in particular)
    – I sometimes take it out/it falls out during the night leading to snoring occurring again. I’ve found it on the floor or in the bed.
    – I only need 1mm of adjustment, 3mm (factory setting) made my teeth ache a little
    – get used to drooling
    Must admit that it’s a bit daunting to buy one every year for the rest of my life, but it’s worth it to help my partner sleep better!

  29. Helena

    Thank you SoreMD+. My husband no longer has to wear the tedious CPAP paraphernalia that has him looking like he is an astronaut about to go to the moon. Though the SnoreMD instructions advised this would not be recommended for people with sleep apnea we were so desperate we thought we’d try it anyway. Six weeks into use and he still snores but only in patches and not loudly. No sleep apnea!!! No more cumbersome CPAP machine!!! Thank you SnoreMD+. And thank you to Christina at SnoreMD who was such a pleasure to deal with and gave us such fantastic service. Helena

  30. Jamie Brockhurst

    I have tried a heap of things like this and I can honestly say that I found SnoreMD to be the most comfortable. Like the previous mouthguard I used, it did take a few weeks to get used to, but when you do, you don’t notice it too much.
    The feeling of waking up rested is the most important thing for me as I’m a truck driver.

  31. Trent Masta

    Sleeping the best I have in years thanks to SnoreMD. I was mindful of the trial period and how long it may take to get used to. It seemed to be quick and easy for me.

  32. Mardie

    My wife has confirmed I have finally stopped snoring with SnoreMD. I had snored for years and years with endless nights on the couch which has ruined my back. Now I’m back in the bedroom and we are both enjoying a good sleep together.

  33. Jayden Quek

    I am so happy with SnoreMD. It has changed my life thanks to such good sleep.

  34. Meranchia

    Dreamy dreamy sleep since my boy has been using this. It has been perfect for both our sleep quality at such little expense. Invest if you or your partner snores like a champion.

  35. G Phoon

    The SnoreMD has replaced my Cpap and I can sleep so much more comfortably now. When I used to roll over, the cpap cables would create tension and there were so many factors that kept me awake. This mouthguard is so much easier and works just as well to help me breathe and sleep quiet.

  36. Ben McKinnon

    After making a mistake with the moulding process I contacted them via their contact page. The very next morning Christina called from Snore MD and after determining what went wrong offered to send another free of charge. Christina was very kind and understanding. Great customer service and support, would highly recommend!

  37. Shandra Manosphie

    My goodness I am getting the sleep I deserve with this product. No snoring and almost a solid 7 hours of perfect sleep. Give this a go people!

  38. Yoshua

    Long time user and first time reviewer. My sleep counts on me using my SnoreMD every single night. Now that I am back working at the office, I have a long commute to work which means less time to sleep so the sleep I get needs to be solid. When using SnoreMD, I sleep a solid 7 hours, And sleep all the way through without waking up. My wife is never bothered as I never snore either.

  39. Norm

    The wife can confirm it works and I don’t snore anymore. It really is a marriage saver..

  40. Gregory

    This has been a simple and fast solution to my snoring which I have had for years. If I had new that something so basic existed I would have jumped on the band wagon a lot sooner to try and resolve my sleep problems.

  41. Todd D’Souza

    SnoreMD works!

  42. Ryder

    I’m loving my sleep quality since wearing Snoremd. It does EXACTLY what it says it does.

  43. Norm and Shell

    Waking up in the same bed as my wife has been a very nice change to being in the dog house. I was surprised to learn how quickly this worked for me and how well I sleep now. My teeth were a bit tender for the first couple of days but it passed. The difference in how I feel now using SnoreMD is incredible.

  44. Delilah Velongsher

    SnoreMD has helped my sleep apnea. Thank you for the expert help.

  45. Darren

    I have moderate sleep apnea and had been using my cpap machine for the past 6 months. My pharmacist said I can use SnoreMD for my moderate sleep apnea and I am so glad I did. I get exactly the same results from my cpap but it’s so much more comfortable to sleep with and less obvious.

  46. Clyde

    I just had my first night of no snoring in probably a decade. My wife said the same thing and couldn’t believe it considering it’s such a small and easy product to use.

  47. Mitch

    Fantastic service from SnoreMD, great to see an Australian made product. Christina was extremely helpful with a minor issue i had.
    Highly recommended.

  48. Racquel O’brien

    I honestly cannot say how surprised and relieved I was that this product actually works. It has changed our lives, we can now sleep in the same bed!!! Also the after sales service is spot on. Christina was absolutely wonderful and couldn’t have helped us more. Thank you so much.

  49. Wilson

    When I was waiting in line at my pharmacy I saw this and figured I would give it a try as it has the money back guarantee. At first I was wondering how I would sleep with it in my mouth but now I can simply can’t sleep without it. Very easy to use and effective in stopping my snoring. I do feel more rested with a lot less wake ups.

  50. Zac Mohiuddin

    This seems to be the one my whole family uses and talks about. They’re right, it works perfectly and stops your snoring right in its tracks.

  51. Tamara D’salvo

    With 2 bubs under 2 years old and hubby and I as full time workers, sleep and rest was challenging to begin with. Add a big time snorer into the mix and it was a disaster to be honest. We tried Snoremd and problem solved. The sleep I get is only interrupted by the kids now and he says he feels better when he wakes up. Take it from us, this will change your life.

  52. Taz Forshani

    SnoreMD is the light of my life. Well sleep life for me and the families life so they don’t need to hear the sound of me tearing down buildings all night.

  53. Simone Cox

    Really good product and have recommended to family and friends.

  54. Nicole Hamilton

    I had a great night sleep well worth it😄

  55. Will

    I finally dived in the deep end to try one of these products and I have never looked back. The feeling of clear thought and better decision making throughout the day at work is a big improvement on what I thought was coming from so called normal quality of sleep. Don’t waste your time, just get one if you need one like I did. Your partner will thank you, trust me…

  56. Wendy (verified owner)

    The SnoresMD does work and they do honour their warranty.

    Christine was lovely helping with instructions and replacement when I’d remolded three times to my very narrow jaw.

  57. Gavin Jones

    I have had an incredible result from my SnoreMD. I often wondered how to stop snoring but never thought of using these mouth guard contraptions. I am told I will have to use this forever unless I do something about my weight which has been an ongoing challenge for me. The sleep I have now due to SnoreMD has given me the extra motivation to get up earlier and go for a walk before work.

  58. Pauline liberg

    Hi there my husband has been waking himself and me up every night sometimes anywhere from 5-20 times a night for the past 10 years we are very fit and married for 34 years. He was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago. When he sleeps he stops breathing for at least 2 to 4 seconds and wakes himself up and his snoring out of control. We purchased your device two and 1/2 months ago and we are both new people. We sleep
    All night and wake fresh he doesn’t snore at all. Brilliant a small amount to pay for a new life My husband Wayne wakes up with more energy like he had years ago. Thankyou Christina your a credit to the company You listened to my concerns and guided me through this life changing journey. forever grateful

  59. Turnby

    This has helped me relax so much and is worth buying to help your sleep. It does work and the snoring does stop almost instantly without to much fuss using the product.

  60. Chris

    I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, and at the time my only solution was to buy a sleep apnea machine which is very expensive. I never could get used to the mask I tried and tried but could not get used to the machine or mask. I heard about snoremd and thought yeah sure this will work I was very sceptical. The snoremd has changed my life 100%. I have not snored at all since using the snoremd it is amazing, please if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea do yourself a favour and get this first, don’t do what I did and buy a sleep apnea machine which is now sitting at the bottom of my draw, buy this first you won’t regret it, I wish I could give the snoremd 10 stars, well done guys very happy customer here 🙏🙏

  61. Andrew (verified owner)

    Amazing product. I just started snoring out of the blue and it really effected my sleep. My wife could not sleep next to me and she would wake me up throughout the night. I spent $5000 on surgery for my sinus. I was told this will help. The surgery was a complete waste of money. Since using Snore MD I have not made a sound. My wife is so happy she can sleep next to me. Honestly the best $170 I have ever spent. It does take some time getting used to, but it’s so worth it.

  62. Xavier Johnston

    There is a tone of good feedback about this device which is exactly why I got my own. I just got my second one after 13 months of nightly use as I had worn my original one down due to teeth grinding. It is a piece of cake to mould and easy to get used to if you have some patience. It says to avoid sleeping in certain positions but I sleep in every position and it works alright long.

  63. Soul Jenarah

    I was very excited to try this product and I am glad to report that it has been a massive success for me. Both my snoring app and my wife reported that that my snoring stopped almost instantly. I take only 1 bathroom break of a night and there is no doubt I feel a lot more rested when I wake up.

  64. Karel

    Absolutely works, takes a little getting used to in the beginning and I would recommend getting some lip balm as I had a little bit of dry lips and mouth the next morning.

    Within 3 nights of using my partner was more happy, I was more alert. Next to this my smartwatch has noticed a decrease of 5 to 10 hart beats per minute bringing it between 50 to 60 which I am convinced is contributing to a better night’s sleep and less stress on my cardiovascular system.

    Don’t do what I did and drag your feet, just get it and you and your partner will be thankful.

  65. Uncle Sam

    Legit good piece of wizardry this product seems to be.

  66. Latin M

    My snoring has stopped all together. It really really works. Happy to report I am not a tired mess when I go to work. I stare at a screen all day so it’s so easy to nod off but that doesn’t happen almost ever anymore. I should have looked into this years ago but happy I finally did.

  67. Christiana

    Thank you sooooo much to the SnoreMD amazing team. I needed help and you guys had my back. You have a life changing product that has helped us immensely. xoxo

  68. Ryan Selby

    Not sleeping in the dog house anymore. This really works. It takes a couple of weeks but after a while it doesn’t matter that your sleeping with a mouthguard in.

  69. True legend

    I am a fan

  70. Jeorge

    Glad to be another happy customer. This gear actually works.

  71. Schultz

    My results were almost instant but I still had to get used to sleeping a full night. I have now and it feels quite normal now. My Garmin app tells me I am getting longer deep and REM sleep which I can feel when I wake up. There is no doubt SnoreMD has improved my sleep.

  72. S.M

    Yes top notch. It has been about 12 weeks now and this has changed my life. A bit awkward at first but you really get used to it. That part I was blown away by. It’s all good sleep and stopped snoring.

  73. Bryce

    My health has benefited a lot using this. Sleep has improved and I am stoked.

  74. Roxy

    SnoreMD has helped my partners breathing a lot during the night. It always used to be that gurgling noise with very loud snoring. You could actually hear him choking but not anymore.
    The snoring never actually bothered him but he can tell he gets a better sleep now. This is a very good product and I recommend it if my partner sounds like you or your partner.

  75. Connor

    My sleep is outstanding thanks to this product. I won’t go to sleep without it now.

  76. Ahmej

    Easily the #1 snoring product on the market by a long shot as it is definitely more comfortable than anything else I have given a go.

  77. Sng Wong

    It turns out I have severe sleep apnea so SnoreMD was not for me unfortunately and had to take up a cpap machine.
    I only write this review because their customer care was second to none. It was so easy to talk to these guys and I really felt looked after. Thank you for your support and I wish you all the best with your business.

  78. Helian Dosrorgier

    A good solution that has assisted my sleep apnea. At times I was waking up at least 5 to 6 times a night but now I am down to 1 or 2 and that is usually to go to the bathroom. I actually would drive to work with my mouthpiece to get used to it and that really worked. I don’t know it is there anymore and the sleep is worth it.

  79. Lachlan

    This beats the nose clubs that I was using for months. I can actually feel the oxygen. Sounds weird but true.

  80. Heath j

    On this day is the first time I have achieved a consistent 7 hour sleep. I’m not kidding, I think SnoreMD is an actual life saver. Sure my mouth is a bit tender but I feel alive for once. Take it from me and give it a try to stop snoring. I should have found this product sooner.

  81. Brydan Shander

    Using a mouthguard to help my sleep apnea is not a new thing to me. I have tried most of them out there but what I like about the SnoreMD design is that it is a little smaller and more comfortable than the others. I have a pretty mean gag reflex so it’s the only one that I don’t spit out across the room like a projectile from my mouth. I had to give it a little time but it does help me immensely.

  82. The couple who now sleeps well

    SnoreMD was introduced to me by my loving partner so she could get some sleep. Unbeknown to me, my quality is sleep was no good but now it’s a win, win for both of us when using this.

  83. Georgie

    My wife has said I have stop snoring. I am happy as well.

  84. Mascanosi Seb


  85. Reg Parker

    What a miracle this has been to help me stop snoring. It was more for my wife it be fair but we both are in astounded with the outcome.

  86. Earl Sangashore

    SnoreMD is definitely the best out of the myriad of options available. What drew me towards it was the user friendly design because I was worried about having something bulky in my mouth. I have used similar products before but SnoreMD seems to be effective and a little more comfortable to use. My advice is to spend the extra and get a quality snoring product like this.

  87. Koel

    SnoreMD works for me. I am still getting the hang of it but my wife has told me I stopped snoring on the first night.

  88. Reginald

    The moulding is quite strait forward and it had taken me around 3 weeks to be completely at peace with sleeping with something in my mouth.
    In saying that, the results having been satisfying for all parties in the bedroom. It is a good product overall.

  89. Decklin McClean

    I am in love with my SnoreMD and the sleep and now get because of it.

  90. Sunriche Dackandal

    Snoring has always been a part of my life and SnoreMD has genuinely cured me.

  91. Yeashan Tebetzol

    SnoreMD is a massive sigh of relief to me as an essential worker that is full time grave yard. I don’t know how I survived on broken sleep before this. The chemist in the hospital I work in sells SnoreMD so sure I gave it chance, I was really desperate. Now I got longer deeper sleep which seems so easy now.

  92. Kendall Jonathan

    Trust me this is a must have if you snore. I can’t go to sleep with out it, actually it’s my GF that won’t let me. It has been so good for both of us.

  93. Ana Mouratidis (verified owner)

    Such a great product!!! Actually works!!! Thank you so much for my goodnight sleeps.. highly recommend this product and the staff are so helpful, above and beyond!!!! Would recommend this to anyone who has a snorer in the family…

  94. Nessa

    My rating is really a 4.5
    Stopped my snoring
    Feeling good and not snappy towards my husband as much.

  95. Latrelle korlmish

    Solid snoring product guys. Happy to review and confirm that it has stopped my snoring. I am sleeping better and waking up better.

  96. Gordon Schenlt

    I wake up new person thank you SnoreMD for saving my marriage

  97. Chris Randall

    This is a very neat piece of tech. It took me about 3 weeks to get used too but worth the spend. I have stopped snoring and sleeping fairly well. I will be purchasing fit my wife but of course won’t tell her.

  98. Ronnie

    Incredible product

  99. Sergey Turgenev

    I highly recommend SnoreMD to stop snoring. I was a fair bit fussy using this at first but was assured that it can take 2 to 4 weeks to get 100% used to it. The helpful pharmacy staff were absolutely right and in time I had become accustomed to wearing my SnoreMD. The renewed life I have each day after a decent night sleep is priceless.

  100. Jude Sendrup

    I love my mouthpiece. Thank you SnoreMD staff for the outstanding service.

  101. Angelo Torissi

    I rate the product very highly to stop snoring.

  102. Meds D.

    A good solution that is not as big as some of the others I have tried over the years. I have a small frame and SnoreMD seems to be a lot more streamlined if that makes sense. Easy to mould and clean and absolutely helps keep my snoring at bay.

  103. Jedda Yindi

    My cpap machine has been retired for 6 months due to now using my Snoremd. I was in the mild range and my cpap served me very well but I’ll choose a mouthguard any day of the week. I didn’t have the option originally but very glad to know that a product like Snoremd provides the same relief and to stop snoring.

  104. Shawn Harrison

    I have been snoring for years and years. Thanks don’t even know how my wife has put up with me but she was the one that came home with a SnoreMD. Let me tell you she did really well as not only does it work, I actually feel like a better person when I wake up. It offers an option to adjust if you need to but I found that mine worked perfectly at the set position out of the box. A very good product the helps.

  105. Sue Bericholli

    Sleep, nothing but glorious sleep. OH my goodness why did we not find this sooner. I got this for my hubby after many failed attempts at other products. He sleeps quietly so now I sleep and the kids sleep. We live in a townhouse with wafer thin walls so it used to be a nightly disaster of all sorts of sounds.

  106. Farah Putri

    This is the 5th week of using SnoreMD and have been enjoy sleep more than I ever have. I could never get passed about 3:00am and wake up and not sleep again. You get the deep sleep with the guard which helps me push through to about 6am easily now.

  107. Henry Roshnel

    This stopped my snoring in its tracks. I found this quite comfortable and easy to use/wear.

  108. E. Swarez

    This company has my vote all the way. The SnoreMD has worked to stop my snoring and has an efficient support team there too help you.

  109. Violetta

    I am quite impressed with my purchase. It’s still early days but it works how it’s advertised.

  110. Joy

    Since using the snoremd device I have ceased snoring and my husband now gets uninterrupted sleep. I am also benefitting by getting a full nights sleep and waking up more refreshed and ready to take on the day. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a snoring problem. It is certainly a marriage saver

  111. Dylan Schnox

    15 years of shift work has been a killer trying to sleep during the day. I did a sleep test and found out that I was never actually falling into the deep sleep cycle. This makes sense as I am fatigued all the time. Wearing the cpap was never going to happen so I tried SnoreMD. What a life changer it has been to get a longer and deeper sleep. My functionality has improved vastly and I do feel more youthful and more motivated. Sure it did take about 1 week to completely get used to it but I cannot recommend this enough.

  112. Paul Cummings

    Quite comfortable to wear, easy adjusting system although I didn’t have to adjust mine. My snoring app has now recorded consecutive nights of sleep without snoring so what else do I need to say

  113. Merv De Sousa

    I have been extremely satisfied with this product. The device has well and truly exceeded my expectations. My wife was constantly getting disturbed by my snoring and since using this device, it has prevented my snoring and ensured that she can enjoy a good nights sleep. Christina was also extremely helpful regarding her advice and very friendly. I would highly recommend anyone going through this issue to purchase this device.

  114. Tahn

    FIVE STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  115. Lucas Maynes

    I declare I can finally sleep 🤣
    If there is a company and a product that can work miracles it is this one. My advice is to read the instructions that recommend actually wearing the SnoreMD before bed. It makes perfect sense so you start to get used to it. I brush my teeth, put my SnoreMD in and settle in for a bit of Netflix. I usually dose off after an hour and don’t really realise I have a mouthguard in my mouth.

  116. Oliva Phelan

    My wife gave me this as a surprise gift to shut me the hell up. It has 100% worked and has been a really good addition to both of our lives, and our kids to be honest. Slap it in your gob and it’s as easy as that.

  117. Quan Van

    I am the 3rd family member to have been recommended and now tried SnoreMD. I agree with everyone’s comments that it stops your snoring. I sleep alone so keeping others awake was never my motivation to buy this. I can say that the part I am impressed with the most is the way I now feel at working each day. I am a school teacher and now have more focus, and I can concentrate for longer periods of time.

  118. Hera

    It has been about 6 weeks since first using my snoremd. The first 3 weeks were touch and go with getting used to it. I could only tolerate it for a couple of hours each night. I spoke to there customer service team who assured me to keep at it as it’s a normal experience until you get used to it. Well they were right, the mouthguard feels fairly natural in my mouth now and my husband won’t let me come to bed without it. The customer service person also checked in with me again which is why I de used to write this review.

  119. Trudi Bourke

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I had not had a refreshing nights sleep in what seemed like years and a recent sleep study showed I was waking over 25 times an hour. I was advised to start using a CPAP machine and persevered with this for a few weeks, but was continually woken throughout the night by the inherent problems of wearing an appliance on the face and head whilst trying to sleep. The advice was to add another appliance called a chin strap which I refused to do. Research led me to SNOREMD and since the first night I have had the best sleep ever. It is coming up for 2 weeks and I feel great. I have been telling everyone about this and will continue to do so. I was used to wearing a night mouth guard for teeth grinding so adapted to SnoreMD very easily, but if you have never worn a plate in your mouth it will feel unusual for a while. Please persevere. It really does work.

  120. Lachlan Depetrio

    Since buying snore md I have replaced my cpap.

  121. Calvin

    Thank you for the quick delivery and top notch customer service. I couldn’t find a SnoreMD from any of the chemists in my town so these guys offered to express post for free. Received within 3 days.

  122. Carrick

    Living on a knifes edge of exhaustion was my life. Full time work and 3 kids has meant a very poor excuse for sleep. The problem with my snoring is that the little sleep my wife got was then interrupted by the boat engine sleeping next to her. Found SnoreMD and bingo, solved 2 problems in 1. I actually purchased this to shut me up and help my wife but I never new that by actually breathing better, you feel better when you wake up. It’s probably common knowledge but for those of you reading this that didn’t know, well now you do. Definitely recommend.

  123. Walsh M

    The guard really works, it actually works. I am on wk 3 and still adjusting and getting used to it. It does say this in the manual to stick it out which I am happy to do. It’s been worth it so far.

  124. Astrid Karlsson

    Being stuck in the ISO life has meant my partner isn’t travelling for work anymore. I used to put up with it but now 7 nights of snoring a week has me really strung out. This was this saviour and at last we both get a good night sleep. This was to his surprise as well.

  125. Natalia Gomez

    I am not the snorer, but the wife of a snorer. Boy I boy I love the man to death but trying to sleep next to motorbike every night has tested our relationship to say the least. This is it, it works!!! Hip hip hooray!!! The only thing I can hear now are the kids screaming at each other, I am not sure what’s best haha. On a serious note, he sleeps quietly, I sleep better and he claims to feel better each day. This is the fix you need if you are someone like me.

  126. Barvie

    This has worked to help me get a better sleep for years now. I probably get about 9 months out of each of it because I am a very heavy grinder. I used to always be exhausted but always have got a deep sleep when wearing my SnoreMD. This is a very helpful product.

  127. Daniel Cachia

    This product does truly work. Being a hard grinder i broke my first one after 12 months and now have purchased my second. After a fitting fault though i contacted the supplier and their after care is amazing.
    Not only is the product amazing but it is made by a company who stand by there product and show that their clients matter.
    Unbelievably happy with the product and this business.
    If you snore then this product is worth the investment.

  128. Sunny Corbet

    I have been using the snore md for 5 weeks now and it has vastly improved my snoring when I sleep. As the snorer I was never bothered but I felt bad for always keeping my wife and kids up.

  129. Gill Merlook

    So good that this is an Australian product. I highly recommend if you snore loudly and can’t get comfortable using the machines.

  130. Avril

    I have seen these staring at me every time I picked up a script from my Amcal. The assistant was helpful in letting me know how it works and the process involved. After taking it home the instructions for use were just as easy to follow. At first it reduced my snoring to a softer level so continued until today where I don’t snore at all. I use one of the apps to record my sleep so I know it’s working. I’d say the total time frame for me has been 3 weeks and well worth it.

  131. Josepha

    The mouth piece is incredible and stopped the snoring and happy. I will buy again when the time comes.

  132. Joe F

    SnoreMD has literally saved my job. I have clarity with a goods nights sleep finally.

  133. Mary Sullivan

    As a female snorer, even ‘grunter’ I’ve been told, was a bit nervous and embarrassed going into speak with someone so instead I messaged Snore Md directly for some help and advice. I got to know the lovely lady there quite well and she was extremely helpful and assured me that I could try it to see how I went. I did take a couple of more calls to work things through but I stopped snoring like a drunk badger and am a very happy customer. Mary.

  134. Reign T

    Happy to be back in the bedroom again.

  135. Xiu Ling

    A unlikely purchase because there are various products I have tried over the years without any success. The next stop was maybe a op. I saw this product and decided to give it a try as it was made locally so I figured it should be better. Luckily I make the decision because I have experienced good results. After a bit of adjustment it has been excellent for me. Stop looking for a stop snoring product and buy Snore md.

  136. Junesh Schaumburz

    I got my SnoreMD from an Amcal recently and I am not usually the kind of person that could be bothered reviewing a product but this has to be an exception. I have told everyone and will continue telling everyone that this appliance is pure gold. Very easy to set up, it’s literally a mouth guard. The air vent at the front is like a vortex of fresh air bliss and it all just seems to work.

  137. Kamal

    I just woke up for the first time in a long time feeling fresh, recharged and not agitated. Granted I don’t fully like the idea of sleeping with this thing but I can’t fault the fact that it actually works.

  138. Ian Murray

    Wow, wow, wow! Finally not getting smashed with pillows by the better half. Apart from that, I can actually breathe when I sleep which is the main thing. Top quality product.

  139. Jarun

    I am a larger person in general (6 foot 5) and have always had issues with my breathing and snoring. My snoring has always been very bad but I never had anyone telling me I was keeping them awake until now. I was actually told I was so bad that it was a deal breaker so I got this and was told that I shut up from the second night.

  140. Noemi Alquatan

    Thank you SnoreMD team, I’m great full that your mouthguard works perfectly for me. I’m certain my partner is even more happier.

  141. Rayne Cantanel

    This product has been my saviour now that my hubby is at home more than normal. He’s a FIFO worker and I normally put up with it but not anymore. He reckons this will be a big help after long days with better sleep quality.

  142. Connie

    This came recommended from my dentist as an option as I did not want to spend thousands. I couldn’t afford to anyway.
    This product has worked fine for me and very happy I only spent $170.

  143. Rodger

    I can’t believe I stopped after a couple of nights! 🙌🏽

  144. Lyndal

    Success ?????

  145. Sophia G

    I was worried If I would look unattractive wearing this but not the case and I feel better about myself now I¹m sleeping quietly and comfortably. Thumbs up for me!

  146. Ian Freeman

    My wife bought this for me. Now I don’t snore. At least she is happy. It works! Admittedly it’s comfortable as well. She was right!

  147. Martin Gable

    I didn’t realise the importance of the adjustable feature. I’ve tried other cheaper snoring guards before but they didn’t work. It makes sense why now. Glad I tried this one. Works well.

  148. Lu

    Snore md has been quite a good value travel alternative for me. I carried a lot of extra weight for years but worked hard to shed it which has also helped the throat and snoring situation.

  149. Rhett

    You have to give this a try! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the idea but there was no way I was wearing one of the masks. It’s slightly weird to begin with but really works to help me breathe properly and my snoring literally stopped

  150. Tahn

    Happy wife = happy life ?

  151. Julie Woodland

    Exceptional customer service, fast delivery and even better snoring product. Thank u Snoremd.

  152. Sam Adams

    Snoremd came recommended from my GP. I resisted having to use the mouth guard style of device as they never worked for me before. A bit of patience required from my end but I ended up getting used to how it worked and how the adjustment part needed to work over time. Overall it has been good for me and the first one of this type that has worked.

  153. Todd

    I have played pillow matrix for years with my mrs. No more complaints and this is a winner for me.

  154. Sharmaine Garwood

    I have worn a mouth guard for years, to stop grinding, but after numerous complaints about snoring thought I would give SnoreMD a try. It’s been fantastic. No grinding or snoring, and it was so easy to fit – at less cost than my usual dentist fitted mouth guard. I’d definitely recommend SnoreMD.

  155. Gillian

    Highly rated and recommended. I’m a stress head so it really helps me sleep and have my act together for my family and work each day.

  156. Hectar

    I did experience some discomfort initially and was told it was normal and would go away. It did after a week and it actually works. I’m told I don’t snore anymore.

  157. Eric

    I’m a 61 year old pensioner that’s tried everything. I have had sleep tests and was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea years ago and have always used the machine and mask. These did work but not really comfortable and not easy if you like to holiday a lot. I have found Snoremd to be just as effective and much more comfortable and it’s now completely replaced my cepap machine.

  158. Leanne

    Thx for the customer service and assistance. You have created a game changing anti snoring product. Xox

  159. Ang S

    Worked on first night!!!

  160. Kevin

    a big difference my sleep is like because of this unbelievable MAD

  161. Garry

    I was getting claustrophobic using my CPAP machine. I saw this product with a money back guarantee and thought I had nothing to loose. Turns out it works perfectly! Glad I gave it a try. Doc said if it works for my sleep Apnea then go ahead! I’ll be using this from now on.

  162. Tamara

    I’ve tried so many products – nothing worked until this. I’m so happy now that I’m resting better and my snoring isn’t waking my bf anymore. Now he just has to adjust to sleeping with quiet lol I’ll be recommending this to friends 🙂

  163. Milly

    I have been buying snore md for a while now and can’t rate this enough.

  164. Dimi

    A+++ product

  165. Shaneel

    This is a lot more comfortable than the previous product I was using. Grabbed one for the wife as well.

  166. Clarence B

    I had my doubts but thought I would give it ago as they offer a 30 day money back guarantee so what can I lose? I have to say “Wow” this device really works, my wife said I am literally silent when I sleep now… Loving this!! Highly recommend giving it a go ?

  167. Bradley

    Definitely sceptical to begin with but after a few conversations with these guys I took the chance and it’s changed my life. My 2 cents is to be patient, it works.

  168. Michelle

    I purchased this product for my father-in-law and it worked immediately! Very impressed !!
    Highly recommend giving it a go if snoring is driving you nuts ?

  169. Jen

    My husband actually bought it for me, we haven’t slept in the same bed for years. I didn’t even know I snored. I’ve been using it now for 6 months and love it. We even sleep in the same bed again and both getting a quieter night sleep. Would highly recommend

  170. Syed Diasteries

    I think it was the fourth or fifth night that I found relief. I new this as I hadn’t had a deep sleep like that in years. I wake up a different man and I get so much more out of my days at work now. 2 months on and I won’t sleep without it.

  171. Dannika

    This is the best snoring product I’ve used yet and easy to use.

  172. Simona

    I pushed and pushed and pushed my hubby to buy something. We found this and god save the queen! All I can say it’s amazing. Easy to use and all it took was a couple of nights to figure out. 12 out of 10.

  173. Aiguo

    Purchursed mine a few weeks ago and it’s simply the best, as in surprising how effective it is.

  174. L

    actually works and doesn’t cut gums which another brand did

  175. Davin

    Thanks for saving my sleep! The best snoring product hands down.

  176. Jo

    I am very glad to have found this product. Snore MD has genuinely helped me and I am pleased to say I no longer snore. It has had a great impact on my life thanks to quality sleep.

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SnoreMD should not be used if you:

  • Are under the age of 18.
  • Have a history of TMD, temporomandibular disorder.
  • Have worn dental implants or had Orthodontic work within the past year.
  • Have dentures or are undergoing orthodontic treatment. NB: May be suitable for partial dentures.Have loose teeth, abscesses or severe gum disease.
  • Have central sleep apnea.
  • Have COPD or other respiratory diseases.

What is the SnoreMD device?

SnoreMD is an oral device worn in the mouth while sleeping. It’s a Clinically Certified, Class 1 Medical Device, developed and manufactured in Australia. SnoreMD’s fully adjustable, patented design gently holds the lower jaw in an advanced position to help prevent your tongue from collapsing into your throat. This helps to open the airways and enable better airflow during breathing while you are asleep, snoring is dramatically improved and, in the majority of cases, can be completely resolved. It’s reusable, budget-friendly and has delivered successful results for tens of thousands of users looking for a solution to their snoring and sleep issues.

Is SnoreMD easy to mould and fit?

Yes! SnoreMD is designed to be easily custom moulded in the comfort of your own home which allows you to start enjoying the immediate benefits of a peaceful and healthier night’s sleep. Moulding SnoreMD is quick and easy. Place the device in boiling water for 30 seconds. After dipping it in cool water for a couple of seconds to remove any residual hot water, SnoreMD is placed in your mouth and self-moulded for 30 seconds. This process can be repeated 2-3 times if necessary. Your SnoreMD comes with an easy to follow, step by step instruction booklet. We recommend also watching our fitting tutorial video that can be found on our websites fitting information page.

How long does it take to achieve comfortable & successful use of the SnoreMD?

Customer feedback has shown that the majority of users benefit immediately after using their SnoreMD all night. However, as everyone is uniquely different there is a small percentage of customers that may need to ease into wearing their SnoreMD, some users may take between 1-3 weeks to adjust, rest assured that this is all perfectly normal. Please remain patient and follow the process. We recommend using for 2-3 hours for the first 3 nights and then progress to using all night. If you consider the amount of time you have been suffering from snoring and lack of quality sleep, we are sure you would agree that, a few days to a few weeks is a short amount of time to achieve a healthier and peaceful night’s sleep.

Can I sleep in any position while wearing SnoreMD?

Yes! You can sleep in any position while wearing SnoreMD. Whether you sleep on your back, side, stomach, or all of the above, SnoreMD has been designed to sit securely and comfortably in place while delivering successful results.

Does SnoreMD replace a CPAP?

SnoreMD is a registered medical device sold online & over the counter in pharmacy retailers across Australia. It's not a replacement for a CPAP, or other sleep apnea machines. If you suspect you have sleep apnea, you should speak to your doctor.

Is SnoreMD unisex and one size fits all?

Yes! SnoreMD is unisex and designed to be one size fits all. The clear copolymer is very pliable once warmed during the moulding process which is designed to mould and fit to ones teeth and mouth.

Can I use SnoreMD if I grind my teeth?

Yes! SnoreMD can be used by individuals who grind their teeth (bruxism). SnoreMD has ample cushioning material so that your teeth do not contact each other. SnoreMD not only works as a snoring solution but can also replace night guards only used for teeth grinding.

Can I use SnoreMD with Dentures?

For people with partial dentures, if there are enough teeth in the front to hold the device securely in place, then SnoreMD may be an option for you. However, SnoreMD is not recommended for individuals with full dentures. Because SnoreMD holds your jaw in a slightly forward position, having dentures may not keep SnoreMD in a secure position throughout the night. By taking out the dentures at night, there may not be enough hold between SnoreMD and the gums to keep the device secure throughout the night. NB: SnoreMD may be suitable for patients wearing partial dentures.

I have an overbite, will SnoreMD still be suitable?

If you have an overbite, SnoreMD may not be suitable. As SnoreMD is designed to gently hold your lower jaw slightly forward, the device may not sit properly in your mouth while you sleep. In some cases, SnoreMD can be adjusted to suit users that have an overbite. If you have an overbite, we kindly ask that you contact us for assistance prior to purchasing.

Can I breathe through my mouth while wearing SnoreMD?

Yes! SnoreMD lets you breathe completely naturally, through your mouth and nose. We recommend you do not buy any device that restricts breathing through your mouth or nose.

When I use SnoreMD at night, saliva builds up in my mouth. What should I do?

The saliva build up is natural so there is no need to worry; SnoreMD is designed so that you may swallow the saliva to prevent it from causing any discomfort.

Does SnoreMD cause TMJ / TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) and Pain after use?

Unlike other products that lock your jaw into a setting, SnoreMD’s design provides microcalibration. If your jaw feels uncomfortable, just reduce the settings to bring back the advancement of SnoreMD until more comfortable.

How do I clean my SnoreMD?

SnoreMD can be cleaned by using a toothbrush and toothpaste. Because SnoreMD is designed to allow you to pull apart the upper and lower trays, it means you can thoroughly clean all surfaces of your device. This also makes SnoreMD the most hygienic choice.

How do I store my SnoreMD?

Store your cleaned SnoreMD in the supplied case. This ensures that it will retain its shape and prevent accidental damage.

How long does SnoreMD last and how often should it be replaced?

Each SnoreMD undergoes normal wear and tear through the course of nightly use. We recommend replacing the unit every 12 months for best results. Some individuals grind their teeth (bruxism), more than others and therefore may need to replace it more often.

What is SnoreMD’s guarantee?

SnoreMD is guaranteed for a 100% refund or replacement within 30 days of receiving your device. SnoreMD is also backed by a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

What if I need more time getting used to SnoreMD?

We appreciate that everyone is different, therefore if you need more time to trial SnoreMD then we are happy to support you by extending your trial/money back guarantee period. Simply Contact Us to let us know and we will give you the time you need.

What if I make a mistake when moulding?

SnoreMD can be re-moulded up to 3 times. If you have accidentally over boiled, or made a mistake when moulding, SnoreMD customer care will supply you with a replacement SnoreMD free of charge during the 30 day trial period.

What if I receive a free replacement during the trial period but decide SnoreMD is not for me?

If you made an accidental mistake when moulding SnoreMD and then received a free trial replacement from us, if you still decide that SnoreMD is not for you, we will happily refund you in full. We back the quality and effectiveness of SnoreMD to deliver results and want our customers to feel 100% comfortable that they can try SnoreMD absolutely risk free.

If SnoreMD is not for me, how do I return my SnoreMD for a refund?

Getting a refund for your SnoreMD is quick and easy. We kindly ask that you visit our contact us page and complete your details in full. Once received, one of our customer care team members will promptly be in touch to support you. You are NOT required to post your SnoreMD back to us to receive a full refund.

Dear valued customers, this is our promise to you.

We are confident you will be 100% satisfied with your SnoreMD. We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee offering you a risk-free trial, and ample time to achieve successful results.

Our guarantee supports you whether you purchase from our SnoreMD online store, or from any of our pharmacy and sleep clinic partners. If for any reason what so ever you are not 100% satisfied with your SnoreMD and wish to refund your purchase, simply contact us and our amazing customer care team will happily refund you in full to your nominated account. We also pay for your item to be returned to us by supporting you with free returns.

Our goal is to assist you to achieve successful use using your SnoreMD. Our dedicated, Sunshine Coast based customer care team is here to support you at any stage of your journey to a peaceful and healthier night’s sleep, so if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us as we are always here to support you.

Here is some additional information about how our amazing guarantee supports you.


What is SnoreMD’s guarantee?

SnoreMD is guaranteed for a 100% refund or replacement within 30 days of receiving your device. SnoreMD is also backed by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.


What if I need more time getting used to SnoreMD?

We appreciate that everyone is different, therefore if you need more time to trial SnoreMD then we are happy to support you by extending your trial/money back guarantee period. Simply contact us to let us know and we will give you the time you need.


What if I make a mistake when moulding?

SnoreMD can be re-moulded up to 3 times. If you have accidentally over boiled, or made a mistake when moulding, SnoreMD customer care will supply you with a replacement SnoreMD free of charge during the 30-day trial period.


What if I receive a free replacement during the trial period but decide SnoreMD is not for me?

If you made an accidental mistake when moulding SnoreMD and then received a free trial replacement from us, if you still decide that SnoreMD is not for you, we will happily refund you in full. We back the quality and effectiveness of SnoreMD to deliver results and want our customers to feel 100% comfortable that they can try SnoreMD absolutely risk free.


If SnoreMD is not for me, how do I return my SnoreMD for a refund?

Getting a refund for your SnoreMD is quick and easy. We kindly ask that you visit our contact us page and complete your details in full. Once received, one of our customer care team members will promptly be in touch to support you. You are NOT required to post your SnoreMD back to us to receive a full refund.