SnoreMD is easily fitted in the comfort of your own home


Boil Water

Place water in a pot and boil the water over a stove.

Place SnoreMD in Water for exactly 90 seconds

Once the water is at boiling point, turn the stove top off and place SnoreMD into the boiling water for precisely 90 seconds.

Remove & Rinse

Quickly remove SnoreMD from the boiling water using tongs, then rinse any residual hot water off the mouth guard before placing into your mouth to begin the moulding process.

Mould to mouth

Put the SnoreMD into your mouth & bite down for 30 seconds. While biting down, close your mouth and suck in to form a vacuum. Press your fingers on your cheeks and your tongue against the inside part of the mouth guard to mould the material around the teeth.

Set the mould

Remove SnoreMD from your mouth and place into a cup of cold water to set the mould.

Ready to use!

You are now ready to begin using your SnoreMD. Start using at the factory setting 3. After using for two nights and becoming used to wearing the mouth guard, gradually adjust in 1mm increments until your snoring starts to subside.

SnoreMD Fitting Information Video

SnoreMD Instruction Manual

Each Snore MD comes with an instruction manual in the box, but if you’ve misplaced your instruction manual you can access it anytime on our website.

Download Instructions (PDF)
SnoreMD Instructions