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Why do people Snore?

According to the Sleep Health Foundation Snoring is a common condition that affects 40% of adult men and 30% of adult women in Australia, but it can be hard to reduce or stop snoring. Snoring is caused by a partially closed upper airway (the nose and throat).

The collapsed/relaxed neck muscles cause restricted airflow and the airway becomes too narrow for air to travel through to the lungs. This makes the surrounding tissues vibrate causing the familiar snoring sound.

Snoring may be problematic because it can be a symptom of an underlying medical problem that needs treatment, and because it can be terribly disruptive to the rest of the household.

Despite snoring being a widespread problem, it’s not actually normal to snore; snoring signals that something is wrong with the way we are breathing as we sleep.

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Get relief with SnoreMD

SnoreMD is classified as a class 1 medical mandibular advancement device (MAD). It is designed to hold the lower jaw in an advanced position to help prevent your tongue from collapsing into your throat.

In doing this it reduces the risk of soft tissues falling close enough together to vibrate and cause the dreadful snoring sound. When your airway is kept free of obstruction, your body gets the proper oxygen it needs throughout the night to allow for a more restful night’s sleep.

When it comes to advanced features, SnoreMD has made comfort and effectiveness the number one priority. This Australian-made product has a sleek design and all medical-grade copolymers and components.

There are no bulky side adjustments, uncomfortable acrylics, screws, rubber bands, rods, or torsion, and it has a built-in cushion to be gentle on your teeth.

There is a generous size air gap separating the upper and lower portions. This also minimizes the claustrophobic feeling some get wearing certain mouthpieces.

Sleep Physicians have been safely prescribing mandibular advancement devices (MAD) such as SnoreMD to their patients for decades. MAD’s have proven to be a successful alternative to continuous positive airway pressure machines (CPAP machines) to treat the symptoms associated with mild to moderate sleep apnea and snoring.

If you suspect you have sleep apnea, you should speak to your doctor or a sleep physician to determine if a snoring aid like SnoreMD is suitable for you.

SnoreMD is proud to be partnered with leading pharmacies and sleep clinics that offer sleep services to assist you on your journey to a better night’s sleep.

Learn more about snoring mouth guards as a snoring solution.

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Why choose SnoreMD for a better night’s sleep?

Why choose SnoreMD for a better night’s sleep?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Dental Grade Materials – BPA and Latex Free
Fully Adjustable in 1mm increments
12 Month Warranty
Quality Design - Made in Australia

Available at leading pharmacies & sleep clinics

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For your peace of mind

"SnoreMD definitely earns my sleep expert tick of approval"

"SnoreMD definitely earns my sleep expert tick of approval"

Australia's #1 Sleep Expert

Olivia Arezzolo

  • Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)
  • Certificate of Sleep Psychology
  • Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)
  • Certificate of Fitness III + IV

Australia's #1 Sleep Expert

Olivia Arezzolo

Is Your Snoring Disturbing Your Partner's Sleep?

A snoring partner can prevent a good night’s rest, leaving the partner tired and irritated in the mornings. If it’s ongoing, then one partner, often the non-snorer leaves the room and sleeps somewhere else, not enjoying the comfort and convenience of their own bed.

SnoreMD starts to work immediately, on the first night, or within a few days as is generally the case. Imagine enjoying a good night’s sleep, completely undisturbed and waking up relaxed, every morning.

SnoreMD is making a difference with thousands of snoring aids sold across Australia. It’s bringing people together and keeping marriages together when partners were previously sleeping apart.

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GregoryVerified Purchase - Feb 2022

This has been a simple and fast solution to my snoring which I have had for years. If I had new that something so basic existed I would have jumped on the band wagon a lot sooner to try and resolve my sleep problems.

Norm & ShellVerified Purchase - Oct 2021

Waking up in the same bed as my wife has been a very nice change to being in the dog house. I was surprised to learn how quickly this worked for me and how well I sleep now. My teeth were a bit tender for the first couple of days but it passed. The difference in how I feel now using SnoreMD is incredible.

Racquel OVerified Purchase - Aug 2021

I honestly cannot say how surprised and relieved I was that this product actually works. It has changed our lives, we can now sleep in the same bed!!! Also the after sales service is spot on. Christina was absolutely wonderful and couldn't have helped us more. Thank you so much.

Tamara DVerified Purchase - Aug 2021

With 2 bubs under 2 years old and hubby and I as full time workers, sleep and rest was challenging to begin with. Add a big time snorer into the mix and it was a disaster to be honest. We tried Snoremd and problem solved. The sleep I get is only interrupted by the kids now and he says he feels better when he wakes up. Take it from us, this will change your life.

TazVerified Purchase - Jul 2021

Definitely sceptical to begin with but after a few conversations with these guys I took the chance and it’s changed my life. My 2 cents is to be patient, it works.

PaulineVerified Purchase - Jun 2021

Hi there my husband has been waking himself and me up every night sometimes anywhere from 5-20 times a night for the past 10 years we are very fit and married for 34 years... Brilliant a small amount to pay for a new life My husband Wayne wakes up with more energy like he had years ago. Thankyou Christina your a credit to the company You listened to my concerns and guided me through this life changing journey. forever grateful

TurnbyVerified Purchase - Arp 2021

This has helped me relax so much and is worth buying to help your sleep. It does work and the snoring does stop almost instantly without to much fuss using the product.