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Why do people Snore?

According to the Sleep Health Foundation Snoring is a common condition that affects 40% of adult men and 30% of adult women in Australia, but it can be hard to reduce or stop snoring. Snoring is caused by a partially closed upper airway (the nose and throat).

The collapsed/relaxed neck muscles cause restricted airflow and the airway becomes too narrow for air to travel through to the lungs. This makes the surrounding tissues vibrate causing the familiar snoring sound.

Snoring may be problematic because it can be a symptom of an underlying medical problem that needs treatment, and because it can be terribly disruptive to the rest of the household.

Despite snoring being a widespread problem, it’s not actually normal to snore; snoring signals that something is wrong with the way we are breathing as we sleep Read More.

The Solution for Snoring: Mouth Guards

The issue of snoring may seem insignificant to some, but for those affected, it can cause disturbances within households. Snoring, affects not only the individual but also their partners and families. While there are mouth guards for sleep available, such as a breathing mouth guard, also referred to as a mouthpiece or snoring mouth guard for addressing snoring.

Understanding Snoring and the Role of a Mouth Guard

Snoring, involves brief interruptions in breathing during sleep. This occurs when the air passage through the mouth becomes constricted, resulting in the characteristic snoring sound. Our anti-snore device works to gently adjust the jaw, helping to keep the airway open during sleep.

Addressing the Prevalence of Snoring

Statistics indicate that a significant portion of the population, approximately 40% of men and 30% of women, experience snoring in Australia. While often viewed as a trivial matter, snoring can have profound impacts on sleep quality and interpersonal relationships, causing stress and disruptions.

How Our Mouth Guard Works

Our snore guard mouthpiece employs mandibular repositioning, a subtle adjustment of the lower jaw, to alleviate snoring. This anti-snoring mouth guard can yield remarkable results, facilitating uninterrupted sleep and promoting overall well-being.

Learn More About Our Mouthguards or Make a Purchase

If you’re interested in our product, explore our product options on our website. For further inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to our team. Say goodbye to sleep disruptions and embrace restful nights once more. Read Less

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Get relief with SnoreMD

SnoreMD is classified as a class 1 medical mandibular advancement device (MAD). It is designed to hold the lower jaw in an advanced position to help prevent your tongue from collapsing into your throat.

In doing this it reduces the risk of soft tissues falling close enough together to vibrate and cause the dreadful snoring sound. When your airway is kept free of obstruction, your body gets the proper oxygen it needs throughout the night to allow for a more restful night’s sleep.

When it comes to advanced features, SnoreMD has made comfort and effectiveness the number one priority. This Australian-made product has a sleek design and all medical-grade copolymers and components.

There are no bulky side adjustments, uncomfortable acrylics, screws, rubber bands, rods, or torsion, and it has a built-in cushion to be gentle on your teeth.

There is a generous size air gap separating the upper and lower portions. This also minimizes the claustrophobic feeling some get wearing certain mouthpieces.

SnoreMD is proud to be partnered with leading pharmacies and sleep clinics that offer sleep services to assist you on your journey to a better night’s sleep.

Learn more about snoring mouth guards as a snoring solution.

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Why choose SnoreMD for a better night’s sleep?

Why choose SnoreMD for a better night’s sleep?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Dental Grade Materials – BPA and Latex Free
Fully Adjustable in 1mm increments
12 Month Warranty
Quality Design – Made in Australia

Available at leading pharmacies & sleep clinics

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For your peace of mind

Is Your Snoring Disturbing Your Partner's Sleep?

A snoring partner can prevent a good night’s rest, leaving the partner tired and irritated in the mornings. If it’s ongoing, then one partner, often the non-snorer leaves the room and sleeps somewhere else, not enjoying the comfort and convenience of their own bed.

SnoreMD starts to work immediately, on the first night, or within a few days as is generally the case. Imagine enjoying a good night’s sleep, completely undisturbed and waking up relaxed, every morning.

SnoreMD is making a difference with thousands of snoring aids sold across Australia. It’s bringing people together and keeping marriages together when partners were previously sleeping apart.

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Check out our reviews!

We love getting SnoreMD reviews from Australians that have solved their snoring and sleep issues with SnoreMD. Browse our reviews to hear about other customer’s experience with SnoreMD.

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Start your journey to a more peaceful and healthier night’s sleep

MeredithVerified purchaser - Oct 2022

It has been a good sleep for both me and the wife finally. I have in fact now been able to sleep a solid 6-7 hours straight through whereas before using SnoreMD, I would have a fairly broken sleep which is why I was so wrecked when going to work everyday. Not any more!

Benjamin PVerified purchaser - Oct 2022

Seriously, SnoreMD has changed not only my wife's sleep but also mine! ... I have been using SnoreMD for a few years and just bought my second one… and I can tell you it WORKS!

Trent MVerified purchaser - Sep 2022

Sleeping the best I have in years thanks to SnoreMD. I was mindful of the trial period and how long it may take to get used to. It seemed to be quick and easy for me.

MeranchiaVerified purchaser - Jun 2022

Dreamy dreamy sleep since my boy has been using this. It has been perfect for both our sleep quality at such little expense. Invest if you or your partner snores like a champion.

Todd GVerified purchaser - Jul 2022

I bought one last weekend and within 2 nights of using it (I moved the adjustment from 3 to 5 or 6 on the second night) my snoring has completely stopped.

Shane EVerified purchaser - Aug 2022

It took me a few weeks to get used to the product and the adjustments but my sleep quality has improved dramatically and my snoring has all but disappeared. Definitely recommend the Snore MD.

Charlie AVerified purchaser - Feb 2022

IT WORKS!!! What is not to love about the best sleep I have ever had. I finally look forward to bed.

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