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Anti-Snore Pillows – Do They Work?

Anti Snore Pillow

A simple online search will provide an array of options which claim to stop snoring. There are dozens of devices and solutions which claim to stop snoring – some compelling, some outlandish.

Some of these do work; others should be regarded with some scepticism.

What are Anti-Snore Pillows? Who Can they Work For?

Perhaps you’ve heard of anti-snore pillows. What are they – and do they work? Can they complement the effects of SnoreMD – the snoring solution?

Anti-snoring pillows are specifically designed to address your sleeping position. Depending on each individual product, they may help to alleviate your snoring in different ways.

These pillows are ergonomically designed to support the head and neck, or alter the sleeping position, to improve breathing whilst asleep. Similar to the SnoreMD where your lower jaw is held slightly forward to help open your airways, which is much more effective for treating snoring. However, SnoreMD does recommend sleeping on your side to alleviate pressure on your breathing, an Anti Snore pillow could assist with that.

Anti-snoring pillows may function in the following ways:

  • Maintain a more upright sleeping position – a wedge-shaped pillow that enables you to continue sleeping on your back yet does not push the head forward. Slightly elevating the head can reduce snoring significantly as the effects of gravity on the airways are mitigated.
  • Encourage side sleeping – SnoreMD recommends sleeping on your side to reduce snoring. Anti-snore pillows can be a good solution.
  • Accommodate CPAP masks – used for sleep apnoea, CPAP masks can be very uncomfortable to wear while sleeping. These pillows may reduce the pressure on the mask that a normal pillow causes.
  • Reposition the airways – this pillow realigns the neck to prevent compression of the airways. Used in tandem with SnoreMD, for the best results.
  • Detect snoring and move position (smart pillows) – these very expensive pillows identify snoring and vibrate to alert the sleeper via a snore alarm. Some move to stimulate the airways. They essentially disturb the sleeper to stop their snoring.

Are there any Potential Benefits of Anti-Snore Pillows?

Anti-snoring pillows do offer some potential benefits, and these are certainly enhanced if you use them with an anti snoring device like SnoreMD.

If you have a poor sleeping position, your airways can be compromised and your likelihood of snoring increases. If you habitually sleep on your back, your airways are likely to be compressed by gravity (especially if you are overweight or have poor muscle tone in the neck or other anatomical anomalies). Your jaw can also drop backwards – which is what SnoreMD addresses. This increases the risk of airway obstruction and snoring. The right anti-snoring pillow can help to mitigate this risk and boost the benefits that SnoreMD delivers.

Are there any Drawbacks?

  1. Pillows that are designed to stop snoring don’t work for everyone. For example, for people with sleep apnoea, they rarely work. They also rarely work perfectly is used on their own.
  2. The issue with anti-snoring pillows is that they don’t address the root causes of snoring – they simply act like a “band-aid”. Tangible, active solutions like losing weight, avoiding alcohol, not smoking, and treating allergies are all part of a holistic approach to stop snoring.
  3. If you are a person who finds side-sleeping uncomfortable (for example, you have a bad back), the pillows which encourage side-sleeping may not be an adequate or realistic solution for you.
  4. Some pillows which put you into a more upright sleeping position may tilt your head forward. This will potentially compromise your airways as opposed to opening them up – worsening your breathing patterns and making your snoring worse.

Why is SnoreMD a Superior Stop Snoring Solution?

SnoreMD is a medically proven, scientifically engineered anti-snoring device which can help stop snoring no matter which position you sleep in. It has the following unique benefits:

  • Registered Class 1 Medical Device
  • Affordable
  • No ongoing costs
  • 12-month warranty
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Reusable
  • Re-mouldable
  • Control adjustability
  • Adjust fit without remoulding
  • Dental grade engineering
  • Recommended by sleep clinics and pharmacists

Choose SnoreMD

SnoreMD offers an effective snoring solution to help which doesn’t require you to change your natural sleeping position. It is a mandibular adjustment device which is worn in the mouth during sleep to gently reposition the lower jaw. This helps to keep your airways open and minimise the likelihood that you will snore.

Snoring can be associated with sleep apnea and finding out more is wise.

To learn more about our revolutionary, medical-grade device, visit SnoreMD How it Works or call us on 07 5370 9323

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