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Snoring Mouth Guards – Why Quality Makes The Difference

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Snoring is a significant problem for up to 40% of Australians, even though nobody likes to admit to being a snorer. What many people don’t understand is that snoring is not only annoying for others; it can disrupt one’s sleep patterns and lead to an array of health issues. It can also be a symptom of medical issues that cause significant risk to ongoing health, wellness, and longevity. This is why it is so important to seek effective snoring solutions with a snoring mouth guard being one of those effective solutions.

While some lifestyle modifications (stopping smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, and losing weight) can be helpful when addressing and minimising snoring, the right stop snoring devices can make a huge difference and transform one’s quality of sleep and overall health.

What are Snoring Mouth Guards? How do they Work?

Snoring mouth guards are anti-snoring devices that are worn in the mouth at night while sleeping.

Snoring occurs mostly when people sleep on their back and happens when the relaxed or collapsed tongue and neck muscles during sleep restrict the airflow and the airway narrows. This results in vibration of the surrounding tissues and this causes the familiar sound we call “snoring”. Despite so many people snoring, it is not considered to be a normal occurrence. Instead, it represents an issue with breathing while asleep.

Mandibular adjustment devices are an effective type of snoring mouth guard and a remedy to stop snoring. They work by pulling the lower jaw forward slightly. This modifies the position and behaviour of the tongue-base muscles as well as the lower jaw tissues, and they can no longer relax into the back of the throat. This clears the airways and eliminates snoring whenever the stop snoring device is worn. This allows for a better, more restful night’s sleep.

Issues Associated with Cheap Snoring Mouth Guards

Not all snoring mouth guards are created equal. There is a myriad of products on the market which purport to be effective devices to stop snoring. The cheap options, however, don’t deliver on their promises and may even put your health and well-being at risk.

Issues with cheap devices may include:

  • Substandard materials (e.g. not manufactured with medical grade silicone)
  • Not authentic mandibular adjustment devices (e.g. may, in fact, be teeth-grinding prevention devices)
  • Not scientifically designed
  • No standard warranty
  • No function for micro-adjustment
  • May cause damage to the teeth and oral tissues

Why Choose Quality?

Premium-quality anti-snoring devices like the SnoreMD device are proven to help with snoring. SnoreMD is a patented, registered Class 1 medical device specifically-designed to alleviate snoring. It is adjustable in 1mm increments and works to reposition the mandible (lower jaw) during sleep. This opens the airways. SnoreMD is comfortable to wear and allows for mouth breathing during sleep. It will not damage the teeth or the delicate tissues of the mouth in any way.

Stop Snoring with SnoreMD

SnoreMD is very proud to provide an innovative, scientifically-designed medical grade snoring solution device to help alleviate snoring. It is among the most effective stop snoring devices globally and, despite being of the highest quality, it is very affordable. SnoreMD may be used by adults aged eighteen years and above and it is a perfect fit for every user.

Visit our sleep help resources page to learn more or contact us today to order your SnoreMD device and alleviate snoring now.

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