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Snore Recorder & the Best Snoring Apps to Track Snoring

Snore Recorder App on Bestime Table

Did you know that, if you snore, there is an app to help?

It seems like there is an app for almost everything these days, and snoring is no exception. While your health and wellbeing rely on you minimising (or stopping) snoring, part of the journey includes understanding that you do, indeed, snore, and knowing how severe it is… and a snore recorder app could help!

What is a Snore Recorder App?

A snore recorder app records your snoring as you sleep. It gathers information about:

  • When you snore
  • How loudly you snore
  • How severely you snore
  • How your snoring disrupts your sleep

Not all snore tracker apps work the same way, and not all are equal in terms of effectiveness and quality – but all good snore recorder apps do share common features:

  1. They track your sleep to help improve its overall quality. This includes your sleep depth, duration, cycles, etc.
  2. They gather your personal feedback to better understand your general state, how your sleep may be impacting your health and wellbeing, and more.
  3. They detect and analyse your snoring to understand the dynamics of your snoring and what further actions are necessary to address it.
  4. They warn of potential health risks associated with your snoring and whether you are at risk of issues such as obstructive sleep apnoea and other chronic conditions associated with snoring.
  5. They offer advice and recommendations as to lifestyle changes, sleep hygiene and habits, and whether you need to see a doctor.

How Does it Work?

You simply download the app to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Before you go to bed, switch the app on and set it on your bedside table. While you sleep, the app will record your snoring. 

When you wake in the morning, turn off the app and note how you feel (e.g., refreshed, sleepy, sore throat, headachey, flat, etc). 

The snore recorder then analyses the audio of your sleep/snoring and your input information about how you feel. This enables it to provide a detailed report about your snoring and its impact on your quality of sleep. This is valuable information to help your doctor diagnose your snoring and what treatment approach will be best for you.

Why Snore Recorder Apps Can be Useful 

It doesn’t matter how many times your partner or other household members tell you that you snore – for many of us, it’s hard to accept. The very fact that so many jokes are made about snoring can also discourage you from actually believing that your snoring is an issue. 

Even if you do accept that you are a snorer, most people underestimate the severity of their snoring and that it is a legitimate problem. Moreover, most people don’t understand the health ramifications of snoring.

Recording your sleep sounds is a fantastic way to not only prove to yourself that, yes, you do snore and yes, it is an issue; with the right app, it’s also a valuable way to monitor and analyse your snoring.

You might wonder, “Why bother? So, I snore – what’s the big deal?”

Snoring disrupts your sleep – even if you’re not aware of it. This has widespread detrimental effects on your physical and emotional health and wellbeing, as well as negatively affecting your memory, performance, concentration, and mood. It can also increase the likelihood of your involvement in workplace and road accidents, as well as putting you at higher risk of several chronic health conditions.

Snoring can also be a sign of obstructive sleep apnoea, which must be professionally diagnosed and treated.

What’s the Best Snore Recorder App?

There are many snore recorder apps available, including (but certainly not limited to):

  1. SnoreLab – see below
  2. SnoreClock – an affordable app that records snoring and its noise level over the entire night, as well as other noises that may disturb your sleep.
  3. Goodsomnia Lab – record, replay, and analyse snoring sounds, identify the cause/s of your snoring and track your sleep. This basic app is free to use but has a premium subscribed version as well.
  4. Do I Snore or Grind – records both snoring and teeth grinding, as well as tracking sleep cycles and nighttime awakenings.
  5. Snore Control (iOS only) – available in both Free and budget-friendly Premium options, this app records both snoring and sleep talking. It includes a “stop snoring” function that gently alerts the snorer with a vibration or sound. 


  1. Snore Free
  2. SnoreTrack
  3. Sleep Monitor
  4. PrimeNap (Android only)
  5. SnoreApp (Android only)

While there are numerous options from which to choose, one of the most innovative and popular snore recorder apps is SnoreLab. With a strong track record of recording more than fifty million nights of sleep globally (and counting), SnoreLab is recommended by doctors and dentists and is favoured by users. 

SnoreLab records your snoring, measuring and tracking it to help you understand your snoring better and thus discover how to reduce it.

Simple to use, the app is set to run beside the bed as you sleep. Upon waking the next morning, you can see when you snored, how loudly you snored, and how severe your snoring was. You can also log and track various lifestyle factors and whether you use snoring remedies or anti-snoring devices to better understand what works for you to stop snoring.

SnoreLab is available for iOS and Android. There is a free version for basic recording, measurement, analysis and tracking, as well as an affordable Premium version with extra features.

Stop Snoring with SnoreMD

As helpful as using a sleep recorder/snore tracking app can be in terms of understanding your snoring patterns and severity, you need to take meaningful steps to stop snoring. These can include certain lifestyle changes, natural sleep remedies, and using the right anti-snoring device.

SnoreMD is the Australian brand of a revolutionary mandibular advancement device (MAD) worn in the mouth during sleep to reduce or even stop snoring. It’s fully adjustable for optimal comfort, gently repositioning the lower jaw forward, helping open the airways for smoother breathing while delivering a more peaceful and healthier nights sleep. 

SnoreMD is recommended by doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and sleep specialists, and it is successfully used by thousands of people worldwide.

Learn more about SnoreMD here and order yours today!

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