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How to Stop Snoring Immediately

Woman severely tired and needing to know how to stop snoring immediately.

If you’ve got an issue with snoring, you might want to know how to stop snoring immediately. So what is the quickest way to stop snoring?

Snoring is the enemy of a good night’s sleep, optimal health, and thriving relationships. If you are a snorer, you are more vulnerable to a long list of negative effects, including on your physical health, mental health, performance, memory, concentration, and even your interpersonal connections. 

In the longer term, snoring has been proven to contribute to a wide range of health conditions including diminished immune response, metabolic disease, Type II diabetes, anxiety and other mood disorders, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and even some cancers.

More immediately, however, snoring impacts how you feel day to day, and it causes distress for your sleeping partner, other household members, and in some cases, even your neighbours. 

If you snore frequently or severely, you need an effective, budget-friendly solution that helps you stop snoring straight away.

Why it’s Important to Treat Your Snoring 

Relationship Impacts

Most people are unaware of their own snoring. Their sleep partner, however, is. With 45% of Australian men and 30% of Australian women being habitual snorers, there’s little wonder that snoring plays an enormous role in relationship issues and breakdown. More than 200,000 Australian couples sleep separately due to the snoring of one partner, which often has detrimental effects on the broader relationship. 

Snoring is the fifth leading cause of divorce in Australia (behind issues such as infidelity and financial concerns).

Disruption of Others’ Sleep

Your snoring is not just a problem for you and your intimate partner. The sound of severe, loud snoring can carry and disturb the sleep of other people in your household. It can even be an annoyance for neighbours, especially if you live in an apartment or other property with a shared wall or floor/ceiling. Furthermore, snoring is an annoyance to travelling companions, when sharing accommodation, in campgrounds and caravan parks – disturbing not only to your sleep but potentially that of many others as well.

General Health Impacts of Snoring

Snoring interrupts your natural sleep cycles. This is not only distressing (especially if it happens night after night), but it directly affects how you feel the following day. Impacts of poor quality sleep include daytime fatigue, poor concentration and decision-making, headaches, “brain fog”, diminished performance, mid-afternoon slump, poor dietary choices, lack of exercise, and a greater likelihood of being involved in a workplace or traffic accident. Over time, poor sleep quality associated with snoring increases your risk of developing an array of chronic health conditions. For example, snorers are six times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke than non-snorers.

Frequent, moderate, or severe snoring must be assessed by your GP. You may have an anatomical abnormality that can be fixed or another health condition that requires specialist treatment. One of the biggest risks habitual snorers face is the possibility that their snoring is actually a sign of obstructive sleep apnoea. This is a serious medical condition that, if untreated, can have dangerous health ramifications.

Lifestyle Modification 

If you snore, lifestyle modification plays a very important role in your long-term outcomes in terms of snoring. This includes such approaches as:

  • Losing weight
  • Exercising regularly
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • A healthy diet
  • Limiting alcohol
  • Not smoking or vaping
  • Implementing a sleep schedule
  • Not using sedatives or illicit drugs
  • Turning off devices before bedtime
  • Treating allergies
  • Managing stress

Lifestyle changes, while invaluable in the fight against snoring, take time to implement and have an effect. They may not necessarily address the root cause of some snoring, though they will improve some of the contributing factors. 

You need immediate relief from snoring, with a stop-snoring solution that works straight away.

SnoreMD is that solution.

Use SnoreMD & Stop Snoring Immediately

SnoreMD is the simplest, most effective, and affordable way to stop snoring immediately and enjoy a better night’s sleep right now. 

It is a mandibular advancement device (patented Class 1 Medical Device). Mandibular advancement devices have been proven to be at least 85-90% effective for treating snoring.

Used by thousands of people worldwide, SnoreMD is the Australian brand of a biomedically engineered product that helps address the tongue and soft palate based causes of snoring. It repositions the lower jaw, moving it very gently forward, and thereby opening the airways. It is comfortable and safe for use by persons over the age of 18 years.

SnoreMD is proudly Australian Owned and Australian Made

Understand more about SnoreMD and how it works.

Buy SnoreMD online now and benefit from better quality sleep and better health and wellbeing outcomes.

Call us on 07 5370 9323 during business hours.

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