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Are Snoring Oral Strips Worthwhile?

Snoring Oral Strips - Do they work?

There are several different products available in supermarkets, pharmacies, and online that claim to prevent snoring. Some of these are indeed effective; others have only limited success, and a few are actively not recommended by doctors and sleep scientists.

Snoring oral strips are among the many anti-snoring products that manufacturers claim will prevent snoring. What are they? How do they work? And do these claims add up?

What are Snoring Oral Strips?

Snoring oral strips are used to prevent snoring.

There are two main types of snoring oral strips:

  1. Internal Oral Strips – These are single-use, dual-action dis-solvable strips that are placed onto the roof of the mouth at bedtime. Made with natural ingredients, they are usually pleasantly mint-flavoured and purportedly relieve snoring symptoms by releasing a solution that tones and lubricates the soft palate to provide snoring relief for up to eight hours. Users expect to wake without soreness or dryness in the mouth and/or throat. Once the oral strips have been applied, the user should not have anything to eat or drink until the next morning.Ingredients in this type of oral snoring strip include menthol decongestant, peppermint flavouring, Vitamin E, soluble microsphere technology, and other natural ingredients. Together, these ingredients combine to hydrate the throat, lubricate the delicate oral and throat tissues, protect against airborne allergens, and reduce inflammation (which can contribute to swelling of the airways).
  2. External Mouth Strips – These are designed to inhibit mouth breathing and actively encourage nasal breathing during sleep. They too are single-use and disposable and must be purchased on an ongoing basis.Worn across the closed mouth, with a tiny breathing vent in the centre of the lips, these adhesive strips tape the mouth closed and claim to improve the quality of sleep by promoting breathing through the nose and reducing open-mouth snoring. This is said to be achieved by sealing the lips to prevent the lower jaw from relaxing, dropping, and enabling the tongue to relax back into the throat.These strips are said to boost the experience of using CPAP for obstructive sleep apnoea. The marketing of these products also addresses their use for minimising dry mouth, which can result in sore throat, dental cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

Do Oral Snoring Strips Work?

  • The internal dis-solvable oral snoring strip products are safe for nightly use – though they are expensive over time as they are not reusable and must be purchased continuously. They may alleviate some effects of snoring but they do not impact the physiological causes of snoring.
  • Some people use oral snoring strips alongside nasal dilators, nasal sprays, or nasal strips. These are simply a “band-aid” solution that does not effectively address the root causes of snoring for most people. They can be uncomfortable and have very limited scientific evidence of their efficacy.
  • Taping the mouth shut with an External Mouth Strip may seem like a solution for snoring, however these products, according to their marketing materials, are unsuitable for people who:
    • Have nasal breathing issues, including allergies, deviated septum, or oversized adenoids
    • Have a cold, sinus, or ear infection
    • Have low blood pressure
    • Are very overweight or obese
    • Have significant cardiac or respiratory issues, including asthma
    • Have consumed alcohol or sedatives
    • Have broken skin around the mouth or chapped lips
    • Who are sensitive or allergic to dermal adhesives

You deserve an anti-snoring solution that not only works but is also safe, affordable, comfortable, and that will legitimately promote a good night’s sleep. 

Snoring is a complex medical problem – and as such, its management is not simple. While some products will work for some snorers, the best approach is to find and use a product that has been proven via medical and scientific research and practical use to help a majority of snorers.

SnoreMD is that solution.

SnoreMD –Anti-Snoring Device that Works

You need to choose a snoring device that really works – and this means treating the root cause of snoring. This is what SnoreMD delivers.

SnoreMD is the Australian brand of a revolutionary, scientifically engineered snoring solution. Used successfully by adults of all ages, SnoreMD is a comfortable, fully adjustable, reusable, budget-friendly and safe solution to snoring and it has been proven again and again to achieve tangible results. It will not interrupt your sleep.

SnoreMD is what is known as a mandibular advancement device. It is worn in the mouth and gently repositions the lower jaw (mandible) slightly forward. This helps to open the airways and enable better airflow during breathing while you are asleep. Snoring is dramatically improved and, in the majority of cases, can be completely resolved.

Click here to understand more about how SnoreMD works and can improve not only the quality of your sleep but of your life overall.
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