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Is Your Snoring Disturbing Your Partner's Sleep?

A snoring partner can prevent a good night’s rest, leaving the partner tired and irritated in the mornings. If it’s ongoing, then one partner, often the non-snorer leaves the room and sleeps somewhere else, not enjoying the comfort and convenience of their own bed.

Snoring often continues in relationships for years and both partners often accept that sleeping apart is the only solution for a good night’s sleep. SnoreMD has solved that relationship separating challenge and the snoring problem with their proven and patented anti-snoring mouthguard.

SnoreMD starts to work immediately, on the first night, or within a few days as is generally the case. Imagine enjoying a good night’s sleep, completely undisturbed and waking up relaxed, every morning.

SnoreMD is making a difference with thousands of units sold across Australia and is supported by leading pharmacies and sleep physicians.

It’s bringing people together and keeping marriages together when partners were previously sleeping apart.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You’ll have peace of mind with the SnoreMD 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. This risk-free trial will ensure you will have the time to start your journey to a peaceful and healthy night’s sleep.

Made in Australia

SnoreMD’s advanced design is derived from years of engineering research and development. This Australian-made product has a sleek design and uses medical grade copolymers and components. SnoreMD is made and manufactured in Australia by an ISO accredited manufacturer.

Fully Adjustable

SnoreMD is a registered, Class 1 Medical Device. SnoreMD is unique in that it allows the patient to “micro-adjust” the advancement of the jaw in 10 x 1-millimetre increments at any time. This ensures effectiveness by opening the airway to help prevent your tongue from collapsing into your throat, in doing this it reduces the risk of soft tissues falling close enough together to vibrate and cause that dreadful snoring sound. When your airway is kept free of obstruction your body gets the proper oxygen it needs throughout the night to allow for a more peaceful and healthy night’s sleep.

Dental Grade Material

When it comes to advanced features, SnoreMD certainly has all the bells and whistles. Made with premium dental grade copolymers and best in class dental lab quality, it’s designed to deliver long lasting performance whilst providing a comfortable custom fit that also cushions your teeth while sleeping. The SnoreMD uses safe dental materials and is BPA and Latex free. There are no uncomfortable acrylics, screws, rubber bands, rods, or torsion. There is a generous size air gap separating the upper and lower portions. This also minimises the claustrophobic feeling some get while wearing certain mouthpieces.

12 Month warranty for your peace of mind

12 Month Warranty

For your peace of mind, SnoreMD comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. With all these quality ingredients, you can probably see why SnoreMD is the perfect snoring solution.

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